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Hygge Hair and More Spring Beauty Trends You Need to Know

The Best Spring Beauty Trends To Help You Look You Best

Spring is around the corner. It is with great anticipation that we get to shed the heavy layers of winter. It is a time for renewal, exploring new ideas and, of course, and update to our spring beauty routines. These spring beauty trends are a blend of things past and present as well as concepts that you may not be quite familiar with. Continue reading to find out what’s hot and what you can incorporate into your current spring beauty routine.

Hygge Hair

Who-What?  Yes, hygge–which is pronounced “hoo ga” or “hue gah”. It is a danish term used frequently in the design world, It’s all about creating coziness and warmth in our dwelling spaces. Now, of course when one industry has a concept or a particular phrase, other industries sometimes use said concept or phrase to create or communicate an idea. This is true of the beauty industry, particularly the hair industry. So what exactly is hygge hair?  It refers to hair color and is all about creating warm buttery tones such as copper, rustic brown, soft blonds and creamy oranges. The key to the look is that two colors run consistently throughout the hair.

Nude Lips

Nude Lips continue to be on trend with various textures, shades and finishes. Our favorite brands have created nude lipstick that continues to innovate and create with formulations that have staying power and that are gentle on the lips. Keep this look modern by choosing a shade that gives a little more “color” to the lip. Going to the office? Pair a nude lip with a neat chignon or sassy crop with lush lashes to keep your look work appropriate. Night out on the town with the girls or going on a hot date? Add a little gloss to your nude lip. Or choose a lipstick formula with a satin finish. Then make your eyes pop with colors a little more daring such as burgundy or purple. Nude lips will allow you to take more risks with other expressions of makeup.

Face Sheen

We are finally beginning to see a break in the demand for heavy highlighting and contouring. While your goal may be to highlight the high points of the face (forehead, cheekbones, center of nose, etc), there is also the option of creating an all over sheer sheen to the skin that doesn’t look like you have been in the heat sweating all day.

Nod To The ’70s and ’80s

Arguably the 80s was one of the best decades on record for fashion and beauty. It was on the runways for the upcoming spring season. Makeup artists and hair stylists paid homage to the 80s with large side ruffles, side ponytails, blunt hair cuts and draping. Get the 411 on draping.

What are your favorite spring beauty trends? Let us know. We want to hear from you!

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