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How To Make Your Valentine’s Day Last All Year

Create A Lasting Impression With This Element On Valentine’s Day

If you are someone who likes to put a lot of time and effort into Valentine’s Day, some of the things that may immediately cross your mind are choosing a dress or how to style your hair. But if you want to create a memorable experience on Valentine’s Day, there is only one element that will help, Fragrance.

Why is fragrance so important? Because it is unique. It is your signature  It can create a sensory experience on Valentine’s Day that can leave an imprint on your partner’s mind for years to come. It evokes a mood. It’s the final touch to any look, elevating your personal aesthetic and the experience of those you come in contact with.

So, how will you go about selecting a special fragrance to wear on Valentine’s Day (whether you are man or woman)?

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Back To Basics

How many times have you sprayed a fragrance on yourself and initially thought it was the perfect scent for you. But you made that purchase only to discover that an hour later the fragrance was not the one for you. It happens all the time. Two important things to take into consideration when selecting a fragrance is:

  • A fragrance has three groups/classes of notes which consist of the top, middle, and bottom note.  These notes refer to the groups of scents that you smell as the fragrance progresses or dries down on the skin.
  • These unique notes interact with your personal body chemistry, which is unique like your fingerprint. This affects the way a fragrance smells once it dries down. It also explains why the same fragrance smells different on different people. It is always a good idea to sample a fragrance on your skin and wait about an hour or so before making a decision to purchase.

How Do You Want To Feel

Do you want to feel romantic, daring, or free? Strong and masculine or soft and feminine? These details are important but also consider things like the colors and textures of the clothing you are wearing or the setting of where you are going, can help you decide the direction you will go with your fragrance.

Make It Last

Once you select your fragrance, you want to make it last on Valentine’s Day or whenever you wear a fragrance. You can layer with the ancillary products such as shower gel and body lotion of a particular fragrance (usually in a set). This can increase the wearability of your fragrance. If you don’t have these products to layer with, use a regular unscented body lotion or body oil that you would normally use after your bath or shower. What do you do if you want to touch up throughout the evening? Carrying around the entire bottle of fragrance is not practical. So fill an automizer that you can put in your purse or pocket.

What are some of your favorite fragrances that you wear to make your Valentine’s Day special?

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