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Ungalli Clothing: The Ecofabulous Joggers You’ll Want To Get Your Hands On

Boost the Ungalli Clothing Kickstarter Campaign

Based out of Canada and co-founded by sisters, Hailey (26) and Bree (23), Ungalli Clothing recently launched its first Kickstarter campaign on May 30 to raise funds to expand its ecofashion line with new recycled and organic Joggers. Ungalli will create these joggers based on the input of their valued community and customers who voted on the material, logo placement, and style. Each pair will save 110 days of drinking water, divert eight plastic bottles from landfill and reduce driving emissions. Ungalli Joggers are the best of both worlds. Tapered at the bottom with a subtle Ungalli logo, they’re made of high-quality French Terry Knit. They’re fashionable. No need to rock threadbare fast fashion tights or old baggy Joggers with the not-so-subtle holes.

Ungalli’s goal is to gain support through Kickstarter and raise $60,000 to fund the new joggers. Like the rest of the Ungalli clothing line, they’ll be ethically manufactured in Canada from recycled water bottles and certified organic cotton.

With the fashion industry being the second most polluting industry in the world, lets help spread awareness about sustainable fashion by backing Ungalli’s Kickstarter campaign and sharing its story.

As of today, they’re officially half way through their goal! Let’s continue to support the Ungalli movement by making a pledge at

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