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Reality TV Hits D.C. With The Real Makeup Artists of D.C.

The Real Makeup Artists of D.C. Takeover Anthology For Season Premiere

I am very #BlackGirlsRock #BossBabes #BlackGirlsMagic #GirlPower. So when my fellow media entrepreneur, Ty Cobb announced she was launching a new web series, I was all in. Ty Cobb is a D.C. radio personality, socialite, and entrepreneur. If you don’t know her name, get to know it. You will be hearing it a lot in the future.

The idea of creating a television series has been on Ty’s mind since she was a little girl. It is her dream to change the trajectory of television viewing to include those stories the networks might be afraid to tell. The internet provides Cobb with a flexible and popular platform. Her 20+ years in the beauty industry gave her the perfect storyline. Enter “The Real Makeup Artists of D.C.” I was invited to attend the premiere at Anthology DC. Everyone was decked out in their best black and white outfits. It was a wonderful event. Primarily because there was love in the room. It was thick. It was genuine.

The Real Makeup Artists of D.C. seeks to help elevate the beauty industry sans the catfights, gossip, and bitter competition by chronicling the daily lives of six local beauty professionals: Ty Cobb, Amber Singletary, Carlton “Picaso” Marshall, Tonja Phillips, Shanda Jimason, and Stefan White. Each one has their own lives, their own dreams, their own issues, and their own personalities. This mix of varying personalities is what gives this series its flavor, its binge-worthiness. As with all reality shows, the personalities make the show interesting. It’s why we watchto see what happens next. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Drama ensues quickly in episode one. We all love a little drama.

Cobb said with great emotion, “I am just so overjoyed to have been given this vision to elevate our industry and the true, talented makeup artists that are out here connecting and genuinely trying succeed.” She went on to say, “This has been in my spirit for years, but it wasn’t our time then. The Lord spoke to me in November and said ‘This is the time’ and we haven’t looked back since.”

I highly recommend that you delve into the first episode. Get your feet wet. I know that you will be clamoring for more. Episode two launches tomorrow at 6 pm. So get caught up before then. Be sure to subscribe to the Ty Cobb TV channel so that you can receive updates on when the next episodes launch. Enjoy.


The Real Makeup Artists of D.C. Premiere Party

Photo credit: Dior Davis

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