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How To Get The Best Pink Makeup Looks For Your Complexion

Pink Makeup Looks For Your Complexion

Pink makeup is a thing and it’s here to stay. No longer reserved for Pepto Bismol and frosty pink Valentine’s Day candy. Pink makeup looks are a wonderful departure from the reds, oranges, and unconventional colors that have dominated the beauty landscape. Pink makeup is grown up and sophisticated and can be worn in a many different ways. There types of pink makeup looks for all skin tones.
How do you choose a pink-hued makeup that will complement your complexion? For starters, choose colors that have similar undertones as your complexion. By selecting makeup that complements the skin tone, the skin will appear illuminated instead of washed out or flat.  Continue reading for guidelines on selecting makeup for your complexion to create stunning pink makeup looks.

Fair Skin

The thought is that those with fair skin should shy away from pink makeup. Not true! You can dare to be bold with pink hues that fair skin tones and make it look like porcelain. If you have cooler undertones in your skin, look for shades that have cool (pink/blue) undertones such as lilac. If you have warmer undertones in your skin, look for shades that have warm (yellow/golden) tones such as soft pink and peach.

Medium Skin

It is very easy to wear various shades pink on this particular skin tone. Many brands make cosmetics for those who fall into this skin tone range. Depending on your undertone, fuchsia, berry pink, and apricot shades work well on those with warmer undertones. If you have cooler undertones, raspberry and rosy pink are great choices for medium skin.

Olive Skin

This naturally luminous complexion can take a few more liberties when wearing pink makeup.  If you have a warmer undertone, peachy, apricot based tones illuminate this complexion.  Pinks with purple and berry undertones work well for those with cooler undertones as does rosy pink. Also try pinks with purple and berry tones for the lips. Gold-based pinks can also look great on this complexion.
Forget what you have been toldthose with deep skin tones can definitely wear pink! Believe it or not, depending on the depth of your complexion and personal style, you can pull off brighter, high impact pinks. If you have a cool undertone, hot pinks and fuchsia will look great on your skin. If you have a warmer undertone, look for products like golden-based pinks which will illuminate the complexion.
Are you afraid to try pink makeup look? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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