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The Best Hair and Skin Care Tips for the Winter

The Best Hair and Skin Care Tips When the Weather Turns Cold

When the winter months finally arrive, we often shift our focus from fun in the sun to indoor heating bills, winterizing our cars and stocking up on winter apparel. While those things are very important, we often forget to consider something else that can be adversely affected by harsh winter weather conditions and that is our skin.  Our skin comes in constant contact with harsh wind, snow and rain causing severe windburn. And that’s just outside. This time of year we like to turn up the heat on in our homes, offices, and cars. This type of artificial heat can suck the life out our skin causing it to become dull, dry, flaky, and confused.


What about our hair? To protect ourselves from harsh winter weather, we turn to wearing hats, scarves and hoods to stay warm. However the materials in these items, often made of cotton, wool and the like, can dry our hair out even more, causing our hair to become dry, brittle and dull which often leads to breakage.


So what is one to do?  You may have your hair and skin routine down to a science for the warmer months but with the change in weather comes a physical change in our hair and skin. The products that may have worked in warmer weather may need to be adjusted for colder months. Where you may have been using lightweight oils, gels and creams, now is the time to switch to something more emollient.


There are many things you can do to help keep your skin and hair healthy and manageable during the cooler months.

Increase Your Water Intake.  It goes without saying that water has a myriad of health benefits such as keeping your body hydrated and your digestion regular but it also keeps your skin (and hair) hydrated, clear and soft.

Exfoliate.  Use a gentle exfoliator once a week on your face (don’t forget your neck and decolletage), body and scalp.  Doing so will relieve itchiness, remove dead skin, and improve circulation.

Take Supplements.  Healthy skin and hair comes from with so be sure your diet includes foods/supplements with essential fatty acids.

Lower The Temperature.  It is tempting to take a hot shower to thaw out and relax our minds after a long day or to put the heat on the highest setting to keep warm but keep in mind these things will deplete moisture from the skin.

Use A Humidifier.  A humidifier will add humidity to the air in your home or office.

Add An Oil/Serum.  If you have not become familiar with the benefits of using face/hair oils and serums, now is a good time.  These types of products usually contain additional benefits to help with hydration and conditioner (as well as repair, strength, brightening, etc).  These are also good to add to your favorite moisturizer (or foundation) that you prefer to keep using throughout the year.

Mask It.  Even when you are doing all you should be doing to maintain healthy skin and hair, sometime your hair and skin need a boost.  Consider using a hydrating mask for skin and hair that you can leave on for 20 minutes to an hour or even sleep in.

Whether you choose do some or all of the hair and skin care tips listed above, remember to be consistent because that is where you will achieve sustainable results.

We want to hear from you!  Let us know what tips resonate with you or what you do to maintain healthy skin and hair during the cold winter months.


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