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King Hollywood Kelz Takes The Batman Challenge To Raise Money for Burn Victim’s Surgery

Take The Batman Challenge

Island Records artist King Hollywood Kelz (aka King Gray) has pledged to help 29-year-old burn victim Kenny Matthews (aka KenDawg) raise money for his skin grafting surgery. Gray’s latest single, “Batman,” has gone viral and has been viewed by millions of people around world. This prompted the Washington DC native to create The Batman Challenge, which challenges people to post 19-second videos on social media of themselves dancing to the catchy song. Gray is using the exposure from the challenge to encourage people to donate to Matthews’ GoFundMe account.

“Kenny has experienced a lot of challenges in his life due to his injury. When I noticed that he was trying to raise money on GoFundMe, I decided to step in and help him raise the $500,000 that he needs for his surgery,” Gray said. Matthews was severely burned during an apartment fire at the tender age of 3 years old. The burns over the majority of his body left him disfigured. He hopes raise enough money to afford skin grafting surgery, which is transplanting healthy skin to where it is needed on the body.

“I know that Kenny’s story will inspire people because he is a strong person. He has faced obstacles that I believe very few people could have overcome,” Gray said. As a husband and father, Gray became frustrated with the violence in rap music and was inspired to write “Batman.” The 25-year-old rapper said, “I wanted to create music that everyone could have fun listening to.” Since February 28, 1.4 million people have viewed Matthews doing The Batmen Challenge. See him here!

“What Kelz is doing for me is a real blessing, because a lot of people will just tell you one thing and not keep their word,” Matthews said. For more information about how you can do The Batman Challenge and help Matthews raise money for his surgery, please download “Triller” on your phone or visit Matthews’ GoFundMe page:

To view the video for “Batman,” click here!

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