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How Dapper Men Travel on the Last Train to Paris

These seven gentlemen are all headed to different worldly destinations. It’s the Last Train to Paris. But the goal for all remains the same – Travel In Style! It’s a mix of modern and vintage. This is the way that a man should travel the world—with style and swag. 

How to Take Care of Your Jeans

Easy Steps for Keeping Your Jeans Looking Fresh

According to Google, the word fade is defined as, “gradually grow faint or disappear.” This is what will happen if you just throw your jeans in the washer and dryer;

It’s a New Year, Seriously

Really, It’s A New Year

Year after year people ask each other about their New Year’s resolutions. Some may say it’s a new beginning; others say a new work out goal, maybe even to travel to another country. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.

Prospekt Supply: Hip Winter Coats for Men

Hip Winter Coats for Men


Every craftsman masters a special skill. Architects, plumbers, and stonemasons are all creators and builders. The menswear designer is yet another craftsman who masterfully oversees the production of men’s fashion and apparel,

Summer Men’s Fashion: Wedding Guest Attire with Swag

Summer Men’s Fashion with Swag

A wedding, typically, is a ritualistic ceremony that represents the union of two individuals. The wedding reception has become every bit as ritualistic as the ceremony. Every culture has its own iteration with unique rituals.

Sophisticated Streetwear Is The New Normal

How To Up Your Streetwear Game

If someone asked my 15 year-old self, “What’s your favorite streetwear brand?” I would probably reply with a swift, “Roc-a-wear” or “Solbiato.” If one were to ask me the same question today, I would blurt out a mouth full of obscure names like “Off White”,

From Rags to Retro: How To Prepare Your Closet for Spring

When the words “spring” and “cleaning” are used consecutively, I get nervous. There is no task more daunting than emptying junkie closets and choosing what stays and what goes. The sheer number of items to pick through is frightening. After the frustration comes the doubt.