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Tag Archives handbags Does Handbags! The New BFF Bag Collection is Here Moves Into the Handbag Arena

Something really exciting is happening at HANDBAGS! Their new BFF Bag collection is launching today in three styles, the comrade, the amigo, and the sidekick.

Get The Perfect Satchel Bag Without Losing Your Eco Creds

Your Perfect Satchel Bag Awaits

Are you trying to find your “It” satchel bag while hoping to keep your sustainable fashion creds? Maiyet’s Como Large Satchel Bag is that handbag. This large satchel bag is très chic. It has an ample inside set to carry your work files or double as your weekend bag.

Shopping for Vintage: The Many Benefits of a Vintage Handbag

There are many benefits to buying a vintage handbag. The first one that comes to mind is access to quality, luxury items at a fraction of the price. For example, a snakeskin bag from a contemporary designer will start around $500,