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Style Lend Is Changing Fashion Consumption

We are big proponents of circular consumption—ensuring that the items are reused even at end-life. There are some great solutions out there but none like Style Lend. Style Lend is a peer to peer marketplace changing the way women shop. In 2012, Style Lend emerged at the helm of the fashion technology boom with one mission — to transform the way women consumed fashion. It’s one-half Rent the Runway and one-half ThredUp.

Since its inception, Style Lend is well on its way to changing the way modern women shop by encouraging women to lend instead of discard and rent instead of buy— helping alleviate some of the harm that fashion can bring to the environment. Style Lend is connecting real closets curated by real women with a keen eye for beautifully made pieces and items. Style Lend provides access to a community that facilitate smarter, more conscious shopping habits with direct shipping from lender to borrower, environmentally-friendly packaging to eliminate waste and online editorial features on fashion-savvy lenders like Vogue Editor, Sophia Li, Model, Anita Hodosi and Marketing Agency Founder, Babba Canales, who are among some of the women lending out their stylish wardrobe on Style Lend.

Now more relevant that ever, Female Entrepreneur and Founder of Style Lend, Lona Alia has provided a solution to the never-ending sartorial dilemma of the need to always look incredibly chic and distinct, while also providing an effortless way to increase extra income (meet your new side hustle!) by allowing women to monetize their treasures that they are unable to part with by renting them out on the site, and earning a profit along the way. Lona is a passionate warrior for the planet who is inspired by environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. She has always been opposed to fast fashion and the extreme toll it takes on the planet, filling landfills at alarming rates and accumulating tons of waste.

Here’s How Style Lend Works

  1. Looking for the perfect ensemble or accessory for an upcoming event? Browse
    the Style Lend website by size and type from thousands of unique designer
    items curated from the most stylish closets across the nation. Once you have
    selected your piece, it is instantly shipped out and delivered to your door within
    2-3 days. Simply search by shipping method to see which lenders offer
    overnight shipping to receive your selection in a flash.
  2. Wear it, look amazing, and enjoy for 7 days. Then ship it back in the included
    pre-paid envelope. No need to worry about cleaning! The lender kindly takes
    care of cleaning the item.
  3. Worried about fit? No need to panic – if the item doesn’t fit perfectly, submit a
    ‘Fit Return’ within 24 hours and Style Lend will swap it in time from their designer
    “Secret Stash” for your event or give you a refund. You are only responsible for
    a small $10 handling fee.
  4. Style Lend understands that spills happen and zippers break. That’s what
    our $5 insurance is for. We are committed to making sure all of our lender’s
    pieces remain in pristine condition.

Style Lend makes it easy to shop for the woman on the go regardless of the occasion. Whether you’re looking for the perfect ensemble or accessory for an upcoming event, you can browse the website by size and type from thousands of unique designers like Chanel, Zimmerman, Saint Laurent, and Self Portrait to name a few. Once you have selected your piece, it is instantly shipped out and delivered to your door within 2-3 days. [Rent it. Rock it. Return after 7 days!] Doesn’t that sound awesome? We think so. Go and get your Style Lend on!

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