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#RedefineGiving Avoid the Mall & Try These Sustainable Gift Giving Ideas – Part 2

Last week we talked about awesome gift giving ideas in the form of services and experiences.  This week we continue the spirit of giving with actual gifts to put under the Christmas tree that will surprise and delight your friends and family.  Score some major cool points with these sustainable gift ideas.


Petit Vour Beauty Box.  Give the gift of ethical luxury. Created out of the frustration of non-transparency within the fashion and beauty industry, Petit Vour was created to cater to beauty lovers who are committed to living a clean lifestyle.  A gift subscription will allow the recipient to experience four of the most luxurious, top shelf, non-toxic cruelty-free beauty brands on a monthly basis (3, 6, or 12 months) across hair, skin, fragrance, and body care categories based on the recipient’s created profile.  $54-$180 Petit Vour.

Phlur Fragrances.  Empower your loved one to create beautiful sensory experiences with cruelty-free, responsibly-packaged fragrance that christmas, christmas gifts, gift ideas, christmas gift ideasdoesn’t harm the environment or compromises their health. Phlur Fragrances, which are gender neutral, are made without irritants and they coordinate with IUCN to ensure ingredients are responsibly-sourced. Most bottles of popular fragrances are clear, allowing light to penetrate and destroy the fragrance. Because of this, fragrance companies usually add stabilizers to keep fragrances potent. Instead, Phlur Fragrances come in eco-friendly opaque bottles to help maintain the potency of the juice. Many wonderful gift giving options in a range of prices.  $18-$160 PHLUR.

Ginger + Liz Trio Collection.  Give the gift of polished hands with Ginger + Liz. These awesome nail lacquers are 5 free nail formulas which are free from nasty ingredients found in popular nail lacquers so you can keep your nails poppin’ with compromising your health. Be sure to include the Hand Toning Creme ($18) to create the ultimate gift of beautiful, touchable hands.

Crux Deluxe Shaving Kit
.  Shaving is not just about the hair but the skin as well. Crux Deluxe Shaving Kit will help keep the beard (and skin) game strong with natural and organic ingredients. It is perfect for someone just starting to shave or for someone who needs to elevate their grooming routine. This set includes pre- and post-shave oil, shave soap, as well as, a beard brush and stainless steel bowl all in a nylon waterproof pouch.  $90 Crux Supply Company.

The Beauty Chef Holiday Boost Kit.  No one has to wait until the new year to detox and be healthy. They can start now! This trio of boosters will address gut health and skin concerns so anyone can slay throughout the holiday season.  $60 The Detox Market. (see photo at top)

christmas, christmas gifts, gift ideas, christmas gift ideasGoodnight Darling Co Muscle Lover Magnesium Oil.  Do you know anyone who could use some muscle relaxation and good sleep?  This magnesium oil is perfect for the athlete, dancer in your life, or anyone who leads a physically demanding lifestyle. Apply anywhere there is discomfort and massage in to soothe sore muscles. This oil is cruelty-free and comes in a glass bottle.  $26 Good Night Darling Company.


May Lindstrom Masque Treatment Bowl.  Elevate the beautifying process with this beautiful handcrafted bowl. Perfect for mixing your favorite dry masks and other beauty concoctions. Let their inner alchemist out. This treatment bowl is so versatile that it can be used for things other than beauty concoctions, such as eating.  However, this bowl is quite beautiful that you just may want to use it for nothing more than beautiful art work.  $40 Vert Beauty.


Volcanica Footed Teak Candle.  Give the gift of relaxation in the form of a beautiful scented candle. The Volcanica Footed Teak Candle is a beautiful handcrafted vessel that can be reused. The candle itself is made from eco-friendly wax, burns clean, and invigorates the senses with spearmint, peppermint and chamomile. $58 Anthropologie.

M.O.T.D Lux Vegan Makeup Brush Set.  For the makeup lover who is conscious of what they put in and on their body, wouldn’t it make sense for them to use tools with the same philosophy? Sure it would. This fabulous brush set is vegan and cruelty-free. The taklon fibers ensure even makeup distribution and the travel case itself is made of vegan leather & canvas.  $120 Anthropologie.


Happy holidays! Gift with care this holiday season.

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