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Revolutionize Your Sex Life! #Sustainable + Pleasure = Whew, Baby!

Let’s Talk About Sex and Your Pleasure Baby…

Have you ever thought about what your favorite pleasure products like condoms and lubrication (lubes) are made of? In the heat of the moment, probably not. But it just might be a good idea to think about what ingredients and chemicals you are putting on or in, shall we say, your “special” areas. Is it sustainable? Many people pick up their favorite condoms and lubes from their local grocery or convenience store. Some people order online. Some aren’t using protection at all. But that’s a whole different conversation.

Safe Sex Is About More Than STD’s And Unplanned Pregnancies

When you a planning to have sex with someone, STD’s and unplanned pregnancies should be top of mind. These are some of the main reasons to use condoms. The composition of your condoms and lubes should be considered. Traditional condoms, which don’t biodegrade, can be made from casein and nitrosimine, which is a possible carcinogen. Many lubes are petroleum-based and contain PVC, colorants, glycerine, and other artificial ingredients. These types of chemicals/ingredients in pleasure products can cause irritation on, around, and inside of our bodies. Furthermore, these factors can interfere with the environment of the vagina which is very absorbent, causing a host of other health issues such as BV (bacterial vaginosis), which left untreated, can make women more susceptible to HIV, STD’s and pregnancy issues.

So What Is The Solution?

Sustainable sex products, particularly condoms and lube, are more readily available online or at the local grocery and convenience store. Brand creators of sustainable pleasure products are becoming increasingly aware of the possible harm various ingredients and chemicals can do to our bodies. Concerned about the efficacy of condoms that fall into this category? Keep in mind that “because condoms are medical devices, they undergo stiff testing requirements prior to regulatory approval (such as by the Food and Drug Administration in the US.

So which green/sustainable condoms and lube should you choose when you get your freak on?

Sustain.  One may find it a bit uncomfortable talking to their parents about sex. Let alone creating a company focusing on sex together. Father-daughter team Jeffrey and Meika Hollander did not let that get in the way. They took the taboo out of talking about sex by creating a brand that is focused on sexual health and well-being. Sustain creates condoms, lubricants, post-play wipes, and tampons. It is also focused on female health and reproduction, as well as, protecting the environment.

GLYDE Condoms.   With a 20-year track record, GLYDE America has been in the business of safe pleasure with condoms, lubes, and even dental dams. GLYDE is the first company to be certified ethical, vegan, and fair trade. It is committed to creating products with top quality ingredients with superior performance and fit.

L.  Yes. Just L. But it’s so much more than meets the eye. L. is more than a sexual health and wellness product company that provides condoms, pads and tampons. It is a movement. A movement focused on ethical personal care and empowerment. L. is created for women by women and “works with a network of over 2800 female entreprenuers and is on track to donate 50 million health products in 2017 alone“.

Sliquid Natural Intimate Lubricant.  For sensitive women by sensitive women, Sliquid lubricant is vegan and made without petrochemicals, sugars, or sugar derivatives (glycerine). Sliquid has added the Sliquid Balance Collection to their range of products. This collection includes feminine wash, massage oil, body, hair, and shave cream.

Yes – The Organic Intimacy Company.  Yes, founded in 2003, is focused on women’s various sexual health needs and concerns. Not only is it a place to find your intimate lubricants, moisturizers and cleansers but is also a place to get information on the causes of things such as vaginal dryness and vaginal atrophy.

As always, we want to hear from you.  Have you stopped to consider what ingredients are in your favorite pleasure products?  Leave your comments below.



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