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The Evolution and Popularity of Natural Hair

The Life of Natural Hair

Natural Hair is a big deal. That phrase alone can be a topic of great debate. Despite its opposition by some, natural hair is a source of pride, acceptance, self-love and boundless creativity. The natural hair movement,

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Bird + Stone Sees The Future and Women Are It

Bird + Stone Sees The Future of Women

We are #GIRLPOWER through and through here at the magazine. So when we heard about Elana Reinholtz, Bird + Stone Founder, and her partnership with Planned Parenthood of NYC, we had to let everyone know.

Randy Fenoli, Designer, and Star of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ Launches Bridal Collection

Randy Fenoli is the Most Trusted Source in the Bridal Industry

As a lover of all things bridal, I adore Randy Fenoli. I remember attending the 15th Anniversary of Martha Stewart’s Weddings magazine. I spotted him as he was talking with a few people.

Beauty Product Review: Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture

Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture Makes Its Mark

Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment is a pre-treatment that will help rebuild and reconstruct the hair before you wash it. Perfect for those who utilize multiple chemical processes for their hair,

SHOE PORN: The 9 Cutest Ballet Flats for Your Daily Commute

Nine Adorable Ballet Flats To Make Your Commute Easy

I know that we women work hard to earn that money. Not to mention the fact that we are the primary care givers for our children and our households. Long gone is the sneaker commuter trend.

How To Get The Best Pink Makeup Looks For Your Complexion

Pink Makeup Looks For Your Complexion
Pink makeup is a thing and it’s here to stay. No longer reserved for Pepto Bismol and frosty pink Valentine’s Day candy. Pink makeup looks are a wonderful departure from the reds, oranges, and unconventional colors that have dominated the beauty landscape.

The 5 White Tops That Will Up Your Fashion Game

Fab White Tops That Your Closet Needs

If you’re like me, you can never have too many white tops. White tops are must-have staples that every girl needs in her closet. If you have a good selection of white tops,

How To Use Bold Colors in Your Beauty Routine

Bold Colors Can Make All The Difference
Springtime is quickly approaching and there is no greater time than now to experiment with bold colors. Whether it is on your nails, your makeup or even your hair, bold colors choices give way to personal transformation that can lend itself to greater levels of creativity,

Try A Fresh Approach To Beauty With Modern Romance

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Modern Romance”?

You may think of soft flowing fabrics or flowers and warm weather when the idea of Modern Romance comes to mind. There are pretty pastel colors and walks in the park.

Grey Gardens is for Sale and You Won’t Recognize It

Grey Gardens Looks So Amazing
Grey Gardens, Real Estate, Architecture Grey Gardens, Real Estate, Architecture Grey Gardens, Real Estate, Architecture Grey Gardens, Real Estate, Architecture Grey Gardens, Real Estate, Architecture Grey Gardens, Real Estate, Architecture


Almost every family has skeletons in the closet and relatives they wish would recede into the woodwork.  Such was true of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and her sister Lee Radziwill.