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#SupplyChain Transparency: MUD Jeans Is Documenting Their Supply Chain To Show Customers

MUD Jeans travels to Tunisia to show its customers how new jeans are being made from recycled denim fabrics.

Dutch denim brand MUD Jeans, known for allowing consumers to lease jeans rather than own them, is heading to Tunisia to document how it manufactures new jeans from recycled fabrics. It wants to show its crowd of followers how its jeans are made, and by whom. It plans to share live updates of the team’s 10-day trip to the little-known North African country, pioneering a very modern take on supply chain transparency. The Production Tour follows a similar trip in 2016, in which MUD Jeans traveled to a recycling factory in Valencia to reveal how it made new jeans out of 3,000 pairs of jeans returned by customers after leasing them.

Need for transparency
With the dark side of clothing production often highlighted, there is a growing need for transparency. Consumers are beginning to expect more from the brands they choose to support and want to know how their purchases affect the environment and the communities involved in the process. MUD Jeans has organized the Production Tour to show the skilled work of its factory workers and make people realize that its jeans are made by people, not machines.

There will be photo shoots in the desert and white cities, as well as collaborations with Tunisian street artists and influencers. MUD Jeans will be documenting the whole trip on social media and using WhatsApp for live updates. Consumers will be able to send their own questions to workers in the fashion brand’s factories.

Innovative production
All MUD Jeans contain post-consumer recycled denim and organic cotton. Current recycling techniques cause fibers to lose strength, and therefore limit jeans to containing 40% recycled content. However, MUD Jeans aims to design jeans made of 100% recycled denim.

Yousstex International, the factory where MUD Jeans are made, is owned by Mr Habib. He believes sustainability is the future and that it is everyone’s responsibility to leave the planet well for next generations. After the country’s revolution in 2011, Mr Habib invested heavily in the factory to ensure the employees could keep their jobs. He also established a new washing and dyeing unit using the latest technologies. MUD Jeans reduces the use of water in production by treating its jeans with ‘Jeanologia’ laser technique machines instead of harmful chemicals. And up to 95% of water is recycled.

Life of the Tunisian workers
Yousstex International is based in Touza, close to coastal town Sousse. MUD Jeans wants to tell the more in-depth stories of the 450 independent women. “We think it’s really important that people realize that their products are made by people, not machines. We hope that they then start to realize the value of a product. For us it’s essential that the people who make our jeans live a good life, are happy. That’s why we will go there ourselves and chat with them to find out what makes them happy”, says CEO Bert van Son. An initiative with a similar ideology is Fashion Revolution Week, starting on April 23. This worldwide movement demands more transparency and encourages millions of people to ask brands #whomademyclothes?

Collaborating with Tunisian artists
Since the Revolution in 2011 the art scene has in Tunisia has gained momentum. Over the past years, more and more colorful pieces of graffiti and other forms of art have started to appear on the walls of cafés, schools and even on the domes of mosques. Young street artists aim to brighten up the suburbs and at the same time deliver a message addressing topics such as pollution and women’s rights. MUD Jeans will collaborate with these artists on its tour, redesigning B choice denim pieces and revealing the modern aspects of life in Tunisia.

How To Lease MUD Jeans

MUD Jeans, Sustainability, Sustainable Fashion, Ethical FashionWhy own your jeans? With Lease A Jeans you always wear new, up-to-date jeans without owning them. Just wear them and after a year, or when the jeans are completely worn out, you can send them to Mud Jeans. You can switch to a new pair. They recycle the old ones. Find out all about switching and returning  here.







About MUD Jeans
Mud Jeans is a Dutch denim brand, known for the innovative circular ‘Lease A Jeans’ fashion concept. This new way of consuming moves away from the ownership economy towards one driven by access and meaningful experiences. The fashion brand’s collection is a combination of minimal design and American vintage. MUD Jeans attains the high standards of various sustainability organizations such as the worldwide B Corp. For more information

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