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Ladies, This Luscious Beard Oil Will Make You Love His Beard Again

Hiram Grooming Co. Has Beard Oil For Touchable Loveliness

I am a beard fanatic. I have it bad. If I see a beard, I have to stop and look. It usually comes to salivating. There is something very sexy about a man who keeps his beard soft and well-groomed. So when I hit the floor at the American Field popup, I wasn’t expecting to meet the man with the softest beard that I had ever touched. It made my knees swoon. Seriously. Graciously, Hiram Grooming Co. Owner, Jeremiah Duncan, happily obliged me. So I wanted to get the word out there about the beard oil and other super dope products in Hiram Grooming Co.’s lineup that will keep your man’s beard tamed.

1.      Tell us about yourself including how long you’ve been growing a beard.

I’m Jeremiah Duncan, I’m 36 years old, married with 2 boys and 5 dogs and currently live in Lexington, Kentucky. I’ve been growing a beard since 1999 (which was the year I graduated from high school and the last year my chin saw sunlight). I went to a private school where you had to be shaven all the time. So maybe that played a subconscious role in it? In my spare time, I ride a motorcycle, screen print t-shirts, volunteer time with a local pitbull rescue, and enjoy listening to music.


2.      Why did you decide to venture into men’s grooming? Tell us about your products, how products are produced, and your commitment to sustainability/vegan products.

I started Hiram Grooming Co. in December of 2016. My wife and I are huge believers in essential oils and use them frequently. One day we were talking about how I should try to make some beard care products using therapeutic grade essential oils. I did months of research on the integrity of the makers of the ingredients, the different processes, oil benefits, etc., before diving in. I wanted to ensure that I was producing the absolute highest quality, most ethical products with the aromatic and topical benefits of essential oils. Besides our essential oil usage, the main aspects that we pride ourselves in is that all of our products are vegan, all-natural, organic, and cruelty-free. You (or one of our many dogs in our case) could eat anything we make and it would hurt them. I know when I buy a product, I want to be able to know exactly what is in it and not have to be a chemist. In order to ensure the highest quality products, I do everything in small batches by hand. Everything I use for the process of making our products is all natural (down to the wash I use to sanitize everything). I actually started with producing one beard balm and one beard oil. Since the short amount of time that I’ve been in business, I have grown quickly and currently have two balms, two oils, a beard wash, wooden combs, and other merchandising. When I set out to make a new product, the first thing I ask is: “what kind of aromatic benefit do I want from this product”? With my beard oils, for example, we have our Hoodwinked Beard Oil with a relaxing scent of frankincense, lavender, and vetiver oils. While the other beard oil we have, our Duly Prepared Beard Oil, is an energizing blend of wild orange, lime, and peppermint. It all depends on what type of mood you prefer.


3.      What’s the biggest lesson that you’ve learned as an entrepreneur in the grooming industry?

Entering the grooming industry has been slightly tough. Trying to stand out is even tougher. Especially the beard market since it is oversaturated with so many products and companies. We have a lot of support here in Lexington, Kentucky, but it’s been tough to branch out. However, I feel through longevity, we will succeed. More importantly, once people find out how we are able to balance the most ethical, highest quality products while still offering a reasonable price, we will just continue to grow. If I have the option to choose a beard oil that is $18 at a local retailer but I can’t pronounce any of the words, they test on animals, and it’s got chemicals that if ingested I need to call a hotline, or I can order a $18 beard oil with known ingredients that are vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and all-natural, I think the choice is easy. I believe that a majority of people would love to eat healthier (organic, vegan, etc.), use ethical products, and want to better our world. However, most people can’t afford the cost of healthy living. That is why we want to ensure our product is accessible to everyone. With us being so focused on sustainability, animal welfare, and essential oils, I know we will rise above the competition.


4.      Describe your personal style.

That’s a tough one. I’m a typical jeans and t-shirt guy. I’m rarely outside of a black t-shirt. If I do put a colored shirt on, it’s typically a plaid button up. However, I always have a pair of Vans on. I love having my beard groomed and combed and you will typically find me with my hair fixed. My wife gets onto me cause she thinks I spend more time in the bathroom fixing my hair and beard than she does. [Editor’s Note: Love this comment!]


5.      Which three (3) celebrities do you wish used your product and why?

Great question! If I would have to chose, I would definitely try to pick celebrities from different aspects of entertainment. That way I can ensure more coverage. First on the list would have to be David Beckham [Editor’s Note: He’s always first on my list]. While he typically keeps his beard fairly short, I know he could use some beard oil. I would choose him because, well, he’s David Beckham! He just seems like he’s got a great demeanor and seems like a really cool guy. Second on my list would be the country singer Chris Stapleton. The guy not only has an amazing voice, but he’s got a great beard! Plus, he’s from Kentucky. So it would be amazing to have someone of his status from Kentucky representing a Kentucky product. Lastly, I would choose Salma Hayek. She is simply stunning. I’m pretty sure if she told any guy to buy our product, it would work for sure.


6.      What’s always in your fridge?

To be honest, we are always so busy that we are rarely home. But I would say we always have some sort of salad, ranch dressing, beer, snacks for the kids, and not much else. Pretty boring over here.


7.      What three (3) things can’t you live without?

I would say the three things I couldn’t live with out would be my family, my friends, and my dogs. Those three things help keep me sane and focused on what is important. If I didn’t have help and love from them, nothing would be possible. I will have to give a honorable mention to my Harley Street Glide. Riding that helps keep my mind clear.

Ladies (and gentlemen), you have to check out his amazing products at Hiram Grooming Co.

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3 Responses
  • Jeremiah Duncan
    06 . 28 . 2017

    Visit us at Thanks again for the article!


  • Aaron Ross
    09 . 14 . 2017

    Such a great and inspiring blog. I apply beard oil everyday and cannot think a reason to stop such habit. The oil gives the best hydration for your beard. What kind of brand that you would recommend since I want to invest a little more on beard care?

    • Janice Wallace, Editor-in-Chief
      09 . 15 . 2017

      Hi Aaron,
      They have the Hoodwinked Beard Oil and the Duly Prepared Beard Oil. Either one is great. I touched Jeremiah’s beard and it was super soft. Great products.
      Hope this helps.

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