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Inglot Opens Their New D.C. Area Flagship Store In Tysons Corner

INGLOT Has Been An Industry Leader for 30 Years

In an industry where new brands and trends are born everyday, it is a wonder that many of the classic, storied brands remain relevant and on the cutting edge of what is in demand. In an economy where once successful businesses are converting from brick and mortar to online or are shutting down completely, many have begun to wonder about the future of retail. In what economists have dubbed the “retailpocalypse”, one might wonder if expanding a fleet of new brick and mortar stores is a good idea.

It is no secret that in the beauty industry, expansion, and innovation of beauty brands happens at breakneck speed. Loyalty is king. But people are looking for the next hot thing. Since there is a formula, tool, and technique for every concern that anyone might have, competition is fierce. In addition to that, there are beauty brands filling the white space of green beauty formulas that not only make us look and feel good on the outside, these formulas are good for our health.

Inglot is one such brand. It has created a strong presence in the beauty industry. It continues to gain loyal beauty enthusiasts the world over.  Founded in Przemysl, Poland, Inglot has over 30 years of innovative and scientific development. Since 2006, Inglot has continued to expand their presence worldwide. Luckily for D.C. locals, you will no longer have to wait to go to Times Square in NYC to touch and feel the latest and greatest from Inglot. Their new flagship store has opened in Tysons Corner. At recent pre-launch events around the city, artists, business owners, philanthropists and the like gathered for a fabulous and informative evening of mini makeovers and delicious sips and bites to commemorate Inglot’s grand opening.

What makes Inglot amazing?  Inglot is a brand that uses science and technology to create camera-ready formulas that are highly pigmented, vibrant, long lasting, and without fillers. They do not test on animals or use harmful fillers in their products.  Their Freedom System allows you to customize your favorite products in environmentally safe reusable palettes.

Head on over to Inglot. Tell us what you think about the new store in the comments below.

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