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#SUSTAINABLEFASHION: The Five #Ethical Jewelry Brands You Need To Support

Five Amazing Ethical Jewelry Brands

The fashion world is full of brands that sell jewelry without any consideration to sourcing materials, using producers who are being treated ethically, or even just giving back to help others. This selection of jewelry brands are focused on all three of these highly important points of interest. Get your credit cards ready to buy! These are our favorite pieces from each brand:


sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, ecofashion, ethical jewelry

The True Love Necklace. This necklace is such a sweet representation of true love. But what we really love is that each piece of jewelry is handmade with love. This company is also a charity dedicated to women recovering from eating disorders and addictions. Learning to love yourself = learning to produce beautiful things with love. Bravo!




sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, ecofashion, ethical jewelry

Silver Hexagonal Onyx & Diamond Cufflinks by Deakin and Francis. These cufflinks are handmade in precious metal, incorporating vitreous enamel and diamonds. Ethically sourced, these sexy cufflinks add that Bond look to your attire.A must-have for a man to add to his jewelry collection.



sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, ecofashion, ethical jewelry

The Hunter Necklace. We love jewelry that take a fresh take on simplistic beauty. We also love and support the Starfish Project. This necklace was made by women who were mentally, physically, and/or sexually abused. These women are getting back on their feet and the Starfish Project is helping them to know their worth. Support women on the rise.


sustainable fashion, ecofashion, ethical fashion, ethical jewelry

The Antique Necklace. The necklace is anchored by an Ethiopian pendant dating back 200 years. The Akola Project works with women in Uganda to help them become change agents in their communities by increasing their education, their wealth, meeting basic needs and their ability to provide for their families. We support helping women to move their lives forward.




sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, ecofashion, ethical jewelry

The Patchwork Cuff. This leather patchwork cuff is cheerful, colorful piece of jewelry. Made by hand in New York, this shop creates products that are good to the Earth and the people making it.

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  • Agata Kozak
    07 . 12 . 2016

    We’re always on the look out for accessories and brands to collaborate with. Thanks for sharing these 5 ethical jewellery brands, we’ll definitely keep them in mind for future fashion shoots 🙂

    Agata Kozak
    Designer + Founder

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