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Essential Rinse: Your #Hair Will Experience A Hair Revival

Does your hair need a hair revival of sorts? How many times have you felt your hair and thought to yourself that it was exhibiting somewhat of an ick factor? Perhaps it’s dull, frizzy, dusty looking strands, or too much styling product residue. Maybe your hair is not responding quickly to styling tools. Sure you can always use your go-to dry shampoo to revive your hair. But honestly too much dry shampoo can compound the problem. You might need a revival!

The type of revival that you can do when you shampoo or in-between shampoos will balance the pH level of your scalp, make your other hair products work better, and even revive your hair color. Introducing Purifying Scalp & Toner Essential Rinse by hairstylist Younghee Kim.  Essential Rinse is the first 100% natural rinse “for instant freshness and shine” and does not contain parabens, silicones or sulfates. It is ideal for every hair type and hair style. It’s also perfect for men and teenagers as well. Essential Rinse will lift residue off the hair follicles that shampoo sometimes leave behind. Think of it like a toner for your face except it’s for your hair. This product will require you to wet your hair and you can use it one of two ways:

  • Use it after your shampoo.  Massage 5-6 pumps (depending on length of hair), rinse with water and follow up with your conditioner if you desire.
  • Use it in-between washes to revive and refresh the hair.
I have found Essential Rinse to be a good addition to my hair care routine. As someone who frequently colors my hair and uses various products to maintain the health and hydration for my hair and scalp, I often desire something quick other than shampoo and conditioner to refresh and revive my style. I used the mint essential rinse while in the shower (no shampoo/conditioner) and my scalp felt “cleaner” and my hair color brighter. Although I used the mint formulation (there is also an ACV formula), I didn’t experience the tingle on my scalp that one would expect from a hair product with mint in it. Whatever the case, as far as I am concerned, that minor factor is of no importance when considering the performance of this product and the results it delivers.
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