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Do Not Buy Another Perfume Until You Try Natural Fragrances

Natural Fragrances Are A Better Perfume Option

How often do you get excited when a new fragrance is launched by your favorite brand? How do you feel when you spritz on you favorite scent and get stopped by random people, saying “You smell great!  What are you wearing?”  Fragrance, which creates rich sensory experiences, is considered to be the final accessory when you’re getting dressed. We oftentimes don’t think about what we are using on our bodies and the possible harm that we are doing to our health. Many of our favorite fragrances that we have grown to love contain harmful synthetics and other questionable ingredients that can cause allergies and hormone disruption. Our hormones are responsible for things such as regulating digestion and energy levels and can be linked to more serious concerns such as thyroid issues and certain cancers.  Because fragrance is directly absorbed into skin and bloodstream, it is important to consider it is important to to consider the fragrances we are using. So should we be considering Natural Fragrances instead?

Natural fragrances are a part of the fragrance industry. These products continue to evolve into a highly requested and necessary commodity.  This category is no longer about evergreen, moss and aromatherapy but about alluring scents that captivate and lift moods. This falls in line with the evolving mindset of those who are focused on cleaner, greener, and sustainable lifestyles. With that, there are the companies that also evolving to support this movement.

To increase your knowledge about natural perfumery, read labels and become familiar with good and bad ingredients so you know what to embrace and what to reject. What if you have that one favorite scent that you just can’t bring yourself to stop using. Consider finding a natural fragrance that mimics the notes of your favorite fragrance. You might try only wearing your favorite scent on special occasions.

Here Are Some Natural Fragrances To Try:

Strange Invisible Perfume

Created with the thought that high end perfumes should made of botanical essences, Strange Invisible Perfume is designed, decanted and bottled within their own fragrance house.  There are a wide range of products that include Perfumes of The Zodiac, Home Fragrances, and Bath & Body Products.


Driven by a passion for sustainable living and eco beauty, Lurk fragrances are all natural scents made from ingredients such as essential oils and resins and include fragrance oils and eau de toilette.

Caudalie Divine Oil

This nourishing, sensuous dry oil is created using grape, hibiscus, and argan oils. It can be used from head to toe, including your hair, as well as a bath and massage oil.


Hand crafted in small batches in Brooklyn, NY, MCMC Love fragrances are dedicated to natural perfumery. Their range includes Eau de Parfum, parfume oils, home fragrances and bespoke fragrances.

Have you considered wearing a natural fragrances?  Do you have a favorite natural fragrance that you already wear?  Leave your comments below.



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