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Vegan Winter Boots That Rock & Roll

Orange Vegan Winter Boots You’ll Love

Is pumpkin the new black? We think so. Here are the vegan winter boots that will add a whole bunch of funkiness to your shoe closet. Made from faux nubuck with a sturdy rounded-toe upper and an Equestrian strap as a nice bonus.

#VEGANSHOES: 9 Sexy Vegan Shoes You’ll Crave

The Sexiest Vegan Shoes A Girl Can Buy
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We know that you thought that vegan shoes could not possibly be the “S” word—Sexy! You are very, very wrong. There has been a big push to give consumers vegan shoes that not only look good but will also make them feel good about what they are wearing.

Shoes We Love At Cityblis

If you didn’t know already, then let me school you right quick. Cityblis is my kind of place. As the Voice of Emerging Fashion, it warms my heart to see a shopping site that connects emerging designers with consumers.