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    These Faux Snakeskin Shoes Won’t Bite

    snakeskin shoes, snakeskin heels, snakeskin flats, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion

    Black Faux Snakeskin Shoes, Please

    These darling faux snakeskin shoes have modern style and sensibility. The wedge heels and Lycra-covered memory foam insoles add comfort while the faux snakeskin adds massive style. We love Neuaura because it’s a brand that is known for its chic, sustainable shoes.

    Raemi in Black by Neuaura

    Available at: Neuaura

    The Most Delicious Faryl Robin Vegan Ankle Boots

    vegan ankle boots, vegan boots, sustainable fashion, fashion

    These Vegan Ankle Boots by Faryl Robin Are A Hit

    Set the stage with these distressed vegan ankle boots made with vegan leather. We heart how the block heels carry out the textured leather fabrication for an allover modern look. Available in a few colors including this snake print version. Designed exclusively for Free People.

    Vegan Addison Heel Boot by Faryl Robin

    Available at: Free People

    Vegan Winter Boots That Rock & Roll

    vegan winter boots, winter boots, vegan boots, eco-friendly

    Orange Vegan Winter Boots You’ll Love

    Is pumpkin the new black? We think so. Here are the vegan winter boots that will add a whole bunch of funkiness to your shoe closet. Made from faux nubuck with a sturdy rounded-toe upper and an Equestrian strap as a nice bonus. We love the nonskid rubber lug sole for those tricky winter streets.

    The Tennyson Statement Boot by Arden Wohl + CDC

    Available at: Vegan Chic

    #VEGANSHOES: 9 Sexy Vegan Shoes You’ll Crave

    The Sexiest Vegan Shoes A Girl Can Buy

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    We know that you thought that vegan shoes could not possibly be the “S” word—Sexy! You are very, very wrong. There has been a big push to give consumers vegan shoes that not only look good but will also make them feel good about what they are wearing. We wholeheartedly agree. So we hunted around for great options for you. We found nine fabulously sexy vegan shoes that you will definitely want in your closet.

    From Rags to Retro: How To Prepare Your Closet for Spring

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    When the words “spring” and “cleaning” are used consecutively, I get nervous. There is no task more daunting than emptying junkie closets and choosing what stays and what goes. The sheer number of items to pick through is frightening. After the frustration comes the doubt. I start asking myself, “Should I keep this”, or, “Will this trend come back around?” When battling against yourself in this manner, always remember, style never dies and trends come and go. So hold on to your pieces with that retro vibe. I apply this philosophy to my spring cleaning rituals year after year and always come out on top. Here’s a list of things to hold on to after spring cleaning:

    1. Sports Memorabilia

    Remember that authentic Michael Jordan jersey you used to have? Or how about that commemorative September 11th Yankees dugout jacket? Nothing hurts me more than to go looking for some valuable piece of sports memorabilia that I no longer have. Keep the jerseys. Keep the warm-ups. Keep the shorts. T-shirts come and go, but authentic hand-sewn sports memorabilia should stay put.

    2. Sweaters

    Ugly winter or holiday sweaters are not so ugly when they come back in style, are they? I would kill to have my Ralph Lauren Polo bear sweater back. That’s so retro, right? I wish someone would have told me that snowflake embroidery would be acceptable in 2014. Every spring, we have to take a long hard look at our sweaters and ask, “Should I keep it?” Here’s my rule of thumb on the matter, if it fits and you look to avoid the cost of purchasing another bulky sweater in the winter to come, then keep it.

    3. Denim

    Denim can always present a sour experience when cleaning out the closet because the it serves so many purposes. Denim’s durability, however, makes it tough to let go. As humans, we grow, and as Sartorial Villains, our preferences change from year to year. We tend to like different washes, sizes and, fits. I say, cover all of your bases. Keep denim to suit different needs. Keep a pair of relaxed, skinny, and slim jean to be used for different occasions. Keep a light, medium, and dark wash as well. If your bases are covered, what you do from there is up to you. Any true man of denim only has about two go-to pair of jeans anyway.

    4. Boots

    Restore your boots. After a winter of pounding on snow, salt, and ice, any footwear would seem to be worth passing along or handing down. Before discarding your hardy footwear, give them a nice rinse and shine. I guarantee you will reconsider shipping them off to the Salvation Army.

    5. Business Attire

    Business attire is another sour spot for me. As we gain weight or lose it, the fit of a shirt, pant, or coat can change drastically. There’s nothing more hurtful than throwing on your favorite suit only to find that it looks or feels ridiculous. However, if the measurements are somewhat close to your needs, keep the items. A quick trip to your local tailor can correct any wrongs in fit or function, and if funds are tight, store the pieces in a safe, dry place. The extra pounds can be easily shaved to put you right back in your favorite trousers, and muscle can be gained to tighten the fit on your favorite blazer.

    “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. So, why let someone else reap the benefits of your awesome closet? Keep the good stuff for your retro pile and let the rest go.



    [Spring Cleaning image via]

    Shoes We Love At Cityblis


    If you didn’t know already, then let me school you right quick. Cityblis is my kind of place. As the Voice of Emerging Fashion, it warms my heart to see a shopping site that connects emerging designers with consumers. No middle man, no bull. Just great fashion. It’s definitely a place to get your shopping mitts on the latest fashion trends direct from the designers! Buy unique pieces from designers and brands from around the globe. Now high five me! Check out their fabulous new Shoe Guide. Then, get to shopping, people!

    How Guys Should Dress For The Weather

    How Guys Should Dress For The Weather

    At my alma mater, Hampton University, one could experience all four seasons before laying his head to rest. Many days, I would walk to my first class in a winter coat, only to revert back to short sleeves during the heat of the day. Light jackets and sweaters made an appearance, as well, before laying my head to rest.

    These days, however, it seems as though whacky weather patterns are becoming the norm. Here in DC, we recently experienced highs near 70 degrees F and below 10 degrees F within a few days. Some unlucky Floridians had to trade in their flip flops for furry boots. Whether it’s climate change, El Niño, or just a strange year in weather, skies and temperatures aren’t as predictable as it used to be. Betting on the accuracy of some weather channel may now prove to be an unwise style decision. Just how should guys dress for the weather?

    No worries. Those who are prepared will be equipped to stomp through piles of snow or puddles of rain without a scratch or stain. As we head into the already unpredictable spring season, here are some tips on how to combat an anti-closet climate.

    1. Functional Layers

    In the dead of winter, fashion is all about warmth. Traditionally, men have lost in comfort what they have gained in warmth. Men wisely switch light shirts and jackets for heavy sweaters and coats. Thanks to scientific ingenuity and sartorial mastery, there are new ways to layer, look good, and protect yourself from the sporadic weather patterns. Synthetic base layers like those produced by Under Armour trap body heat and are better suited for braving the blistery, breezy conditions. They also slide right under fitted clothes more comfortably than the “long johns” your dad wore. Trust me, it’s much easier to move around in synthetic base layers than to have a pair of briefs, boxers, and basketball shorts tucked under your pants.

    2. Beautiful Blend


    Staying warm in the winter months while maintaining proper dress used to involve employing stiff 100% wool suits. But thankfully, most menswear producers now make use of wool blends. Designers use these fused fabrics deliver pieces that can be worn in all seasons while sustaining the comfort of their lighter counterparts. Lines like Hart, Schaffner and Marx  use an interesting mix of Italian and English wools to supplement heavier fabrics like flannel. This gives men everywhere a shot at braving the storm. Just add an effective top coat where needed and you’re ready for anything.

    3. Accurate Accessories


    It saddens me to see men who are ill-prepared to face the elements. From undersized umbrellas to improper footwear, there are some guys who lose the battle before they leave their homes. There are a few simple solutions for keeping it all together while the world around you freezes solid or drowns under rain torrents. Brogue boots like these Allen Edmonds wingtips will keep the water and snow off of your toes along with a pair of wool socks. Also, don’t be fooled by cheap sidewalk umbrellas, invest in a classic cane umbrella. It’s dapper and will keep you dry.

    In the midst of the turbulent weather, hope does lie ahead. The warmer months are not too far off. Find joy in knowing that soon the sun won’t be going down until late in the evening and wardrobe choices will be as simple as, “What color t-shirt should I wear today?”