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“In The Field,” A Fashion Editorial Tribute to Cotton

“In the Field” is a fashion editorial paying homage to our African ancestors. It’s creative direction is meant to evoke controversy, emotion and pride. These are characteristics that our African ancestors exhibited through all of their trials and tribulations. Like these ancestors,

How Dapper Men Travel on the Last Train to Paris

These seven gentlemen are all headed to different worldly destinations. It’s the Last Train to Paris. But the goal for all remains the same – Travel In Style! It’s a mix of modern and vintage. This is the way that a man should travel the world—with style and swag. 

Male Models: Cameron Feldhaus by Bradford Rogne

Male Models: Cameron Feldhaus by Bradford Rogne
Cameron Feldhaus by Bradford Rogne
Downtown Los Angeles, California

Model Cameron Feldhaus is beautiful, really beautiful. He has that James Dean thing going on. As male models go, he could totally pull off a baby face or a tough guy.

3 Ways to Wear Denim Shorts and Still Look Masculine

The 1990’s were the best of times for the economy, but the worst of times for fashion. The world economy saw prosperity like never before, but our closets were experiencing one fashion fail after another. From shiny harem pants to oversized t-shirts—the last decade of the 20th Century contributed little to men’s fashion history.