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    King Hollywood Kelz Takes The Batman Challenge To Raise Money for Burn Victim’s Surgery

    The Batman Challenge

    Take The Batman Challenge

    Island Records artist King Hollywood Kelz (aka King Gray) has pledged to help 29-year-old burn victim Kenny Matthews (aka KenDawg) raise money for his skin grafting surgery. Gray’s latest single, “Batman,” has gone viral and has been viewed by millions of people around world. This prompted the Washington DC native to create The Batman Challenge, which challenges people to post 19-second videos on social media of themselves dancing to the catchy song. Gray is using the exposure from the challenge to encourage people to donate to Matthews’ GoFundMe account.

    “Kenny has experienced a lot of challenges in his life due to his injury. When I noticed that he was trying to raise money on GoFundMe, I decided to step in and help him raise the $500,000 that he needs for his surgery,” Gray said. Matthews was severely burned during an apartment fire at the tender age of 3 years old. The burns over the majority of his body left him disfigured. He hopes raise enough money to afford skin grafting surgery, which is transplanting healthy skin to where it is needed on the body.

    “I know that Kenny’s story will inspire people because he is a strong person. He has faced obstacles that I believe very few people could have overcome,” Gray said. As a husband and father, Gray became frustrated with the violence in rap music and was inspired to write “Batman.” The 25-year-old rapper said, “I wanted to create music that everyone could have fun listening to.” Since February 28, 1.4 million people have viewed Matthews doing The Batmen Challenge. See him here!

    “What Kelz is doing for me is a real blessing, because a lot of people will just tell you one thing and not keep their word,” Matthews said. For more information about how you can do The Batman Challenge and help Matthews raise money for his surgery, please download “Triller” on your phone or visit Matthews’ GoFundMe page:

    To view the video for “Batman,” click here!

    New Music Variety TV Show LIVE AT 9:30 Club Premiering April 2016

    930 Club, Music Venue, Music

    This April, a new series unlike any other — Live At 9:30 Hosted by Squarespace, an unpredictable, modern-day music variety show — will launch nationwide on public television. Off the beaten path in Washington, D.C. is the 9:30 Club, one of the world’s greatest music venues. It’s the most-attended music club of its size in the world – a 1,200-person venue where world-famous artists have started their careers, refined their sounds, and played legendary shows. Now it’s home to TV’s most groundbreaking music show.

    Each cinematic, one-hour episode of Live At 9:30 will feature a collection of acts from different genres, interspersed with insightful and entertaining interviews, short films, and comedic bits. In a word: variety; variety that people will be talking about. Filmed unobtrusively with more than a dozen cameras, including hidden GoPros and an airborne cable-cam, Live At 9:30 will be unlike any music show on TV today. Read more

    Vivian Green Is Very ‘Vivid’

    vivian green, R&B music, R&B artist, music

    The illustrious Vivian Green broke on the music scene back in 2002, with her debut album, ‘A Love Story’. She won the hearts of soul music enthusiasts with her beautifully soulful single “Emotional Rollercoaster” which put her on the musical map to stay. Vivian Green has since released albums including, ‘Vivian’, ‘Beautiful’, and ‘Green Room’. ‘Vivian’ expanded Vivian Green’s fanbase to a more mature audience. She was tired of singing the blues and wanted to sing about the joyful times.

    By the time, ‘Beautiful’ was released, which was a crowd favorite during her Howard Theatre performance in Washington, DC, she had a big life changer. Her son, Jordan, was born and become the love of her life. Now, Vivian is back again with her latest album, ‘Vivid’. I sat down with Vivian to find out how her world has changed after her long hiatus to care for Jordan and how her creative juices are flowing now.

    1. You took some time off to record ‘Vivid’, what can people expect on this album that perhaps you haven’t done on prior albums?
      It’s energy, fun, tempo; empowerment instead of sadness or anger.
    2. When you are not on the road, what are some of the things you like to do?
      Sleep! LOL. I’m a mom so when I’m not working I am in mommy mode most of the time. I spend a lot of time doing various things with my son. I home-school my son, as well. I also like to travel when I can.
    3. Façon is now expanding to also focus on sustainable fashion? Are there any designers that you favor? How would you describe your personal fashion sense?
      I love Herve Leger, BCBG Max Azria, Reiss, and Diane Von Furstenberg. These brands fit my style. My style is simple, classic, and sexy.
    4. How did you get your start in the music business? Did you have some growing pains? Please give me an example of one?
      I got my start when I met Michael McCary from Boyz II Men when I was 15 years old. That was when I first got my foot in the door. I was able to co-write a song with the group called “Dear God” on their third album ‘Evolution’. It was the first plaque I hung on my wall, and the first ASCAP check I received. I was still in high school. That relationship led to my first recording contract offer with Ruffhouse, under Columbia Records. But my parents thought I was too young, so it didn’t happen. My debut album didn’t drop until six years later. But I don’t see any of it as “growing pains”; it’s just my journey. If a journey has no obstacles, it’s not much of a journey at all. Everyone likes to identify celebrities and musicians with where they are from. Where are you from? I have issues with it because it boxes you in. People expect you to sound like everyone else there, and/or be like everyone else there. I am from Philadelphia. I love Philadelphia, but it DOESN’T define me musically.
    5. You have this angelic soul? Does it bother you when people constantly say that? Does Vivian have another “side”?
      I’ve never heard that before! LMBO! I believe I am a good person and I try every day to be better than I was the day before. But I’m also very strong. So I’m not in any way, shape, or form a push-over.
    6. How has your son changed your life? Did he influence your music in any way?
      Children change every parents life. Celebrity parents are no different. You have to change when you’re a parent because you are now responsible for another life. With that comes great responsibility. Even if you choose to ignore your responsibility, it will haunt you. You will not be the same. My son Jordan was born with an unknown syndrome that affects his bones. Being his mother has made me very aware of the special needs community because it’s become my community. There are 57 million people in the United States with a disability or special need. It has affected me greatly and I am in the process of releasing a PSA called the “I Am Different, I Am Human” campaign.

    Music Newcomers Spotlighted in the Neo Age Showcase

    Neo Age Showcase Shines the Light on New Music Stars

    On a beautiful summer evening, I had the opportunity to cover a spanking brand new concert series at the Howard Theatre called the Neo Age Showcase with headliners Aaron Camper and Reesa Renee. The hosts for the evening were Dez the Prez and up and coming comedian, Rob Gordon. The show opened with a new singer, Shamain, who killed us with her mad fashion sense sporting a super cute zebra romper and fly pink and purple ‘fro. This girl is definitely going places.

    Following her performance, the Neo Age Showcase inserted a One Minute Challenge. This Challenge gives amateur unsigned singers a chance to compete and win a big prize from one of the Neo Age Showcase sponsors. A member of the Morgan State University Choir took the trophy home as best singer. The One Minute Sing off was just as entertaining as the main acts. Next up was the “Peace and Body Roll Duo” Boomscat. If you have not seen this female duo, you have missed a golden treat. They dropped some old school jazz scat with a neo-soul twist.  Their stand out track, “Simple Things” had the entire crowd swaying and snapping his fingers. They were so dope! At the end of their set, we were all yearning for more. I know I couldn’t wait to download their releases to Spotify. When Ashae, the Boom in Scat, hopped on the keyboard and vibed while her counterpart scatted, the entire audience was blown away.

    Next up on the Neo Age Showcase stage was Aaron Camper. The buzz of the streets has been hot. People are talking him up. So I was excited to see him perform. He was such a timely addition that keep the flow of the show going. Camper, donned in hippie rockstar apparel, turned the entire night up. With his blend of rock, blues, and soul, I was so ready to get out of my seat. Aaron worked the mic, grabbed a tambourine towards the end and even looked like he was a stone throw away from a crowd dive (a little hard to do when folks are at tables). Thankfully, he performed a long set and each tune was different from the other. Aaron had just captured my musical soul and can add me to his  bag of satisfied music lovers.

    Closing out this edition of the Neo Age Showcase was hometown fav, Reesa Renee, who was donning one of her signature unisex outfits. She has perfected mixing sexy with tomboy swag set off by her signature ‘fro. Reesa Renee caught the attention of the entire DC area literally overnight. She won amateur night at the Apollo and her first album blew up the music scene. So Reesa is no stranger to trending locally and nationwide. She had me dancing nonstop to her neo-soul go-go swing. Reesa has figured out a way to mix the smoothness of neo-soul with the percussion-heavy beats of the local fav, Go-Go music. She was the perfect closing act for the show.

    The next Neo Age Showcase is September 4, 2015. Get your tickets on the Howard Theatre website.

    Gifts for the Music Lover in Your Life

    music lovers, gifts for music lovers, what to get the music lover in your life

    The Best Gifts for the Music Lover You Love

    This year is almost a wrap. So let’s take a serious look at who on your Christmas list lives for music – that true music lover. The person that talks incessantly about the new group they heard about, always has headphones plugged into their ears, and can reference any experience IRL to a lyric from a song. Yeah, that person. So what do you give the music lover in your life? Here are two great gift suggestions guaranteed to enhance their music listening experience:

    YouTube Music Key

    music lover, gifts for music lovers, what to get a music lover

    This subscription service will delight your music lover. Google recently launched this great service. It gives your music fan access to all YouTube music videos with no ads! That means no Lunesta ads breaking up their [enter obscure music group here] playlist.

    Side note: Did you know you can host a karaoke night with YouTube videos?

    The main benefits are:

    1. NO ADS!
    2. You can save videos to play later when you’re offline.
    3. You have access to over 30 million songs with Google Play, which folds into the new service.

    There’s a promo running right now and you can get the service for $7.99 per month before it goes up to the regular $9.99 price.

    Jawbone Jambox

    music lover, gifts for music lovers, what to get a music lover

    Have you ever found yourself in the crazy situation where your only speaker is on your phone? Makes a music lover wake up in a cold sweat thinking about it! Grab a Jambox and piece of mind. This portable Bluetooth speaker has great sound quality, frequency range, and a 15 hour rechargeable battery life. Not to mention, since it is Bluetooth, you also have a 20-30 ft. range if you are a DJ (no cables necessary). In fact, two phones/iPods/iPads can be hooked up at the same time. There are three versions of the Jambox depending on how much sound you need. The mini Jambox is only 9 0z.

    As a bonus idea, if you are on a very modest budget, consider the humble band tee. A music lover wears music tees all the time. The love to sport their love for their favorite singers or bands. Hey, I’m still looking for the perfect Michael Jackson t-shirt. I’m looking for one with him moonwalking back to life. So find out your music lover is obsessed with. You know the one that he/she talks about ad nauseum.

    Here are a few great sites for music tees:

    • Rockabilia: For the rock head
    • For the music lover who is obsessed with the ’80s
    • Threadless: Great site for tees in general, particularly because you are supporting emerging artists.
    • Star500: This site has a ridiculous range of bands, old and new, across all genres.
    • Angry, Young & Poor: Punksters paradise
    • 6 Dollar Tees: Not only do they have dope tees. But they are all $6.

    Side note: If the group is so indie they have no merchandise, go to, design a tee with the name of the band/artist and print it yourself. 

    If you have other gift ideas for that music lover in your life, let us know below or tag us on Facebook.

    Why You Need to Check Out SoundCloud

    Discover New Music on SoundCloud

    You may wonder how do I find new music and brag to my friends about it without sounding like an a**hole?” The answer is quite simple, SoundCloud! SoundCloud is one of the best music discovery sites and apps available.  Embedded audio from SoundCloud is found on most popular music blogs like Complex or IndieShuffle. SoundCloud offers a range of artists from Drake to lesser known artists like my friend Lennon English.

    The purpose of the platform is to give artists a world stage for their music. So it’s kind of like shopping at Marshalls/TJ Maxx.  You have to sift through the pile to find gems. But in return, you will find plenty of artists that fit even your most obscure hipster tastes. Be the official “music aficionado” in your group. Below are the top three reasons to check out SoundCloud:

    1. Music Discovery

    Most upcoming artists use SoundCloud to publish their music to the world for free while retaining their rights to their music. There are not only indie artists, but also indie music labels. So if you have a local indie artist you love, look up the label. Chances are they’re promoting other artists you might like. The best part is, the site makes it easy to find new artists by being social. You can follow other users, check out their playlists, or see who the artist you’re listening to is following on the site.

    2. Free Music!

    Indie artists release music more frequently than once a year. Many times, they release their music for free to make it easily available to their fans. Great remixes of mainstream music produced by high profile DJs are also available for download. Diplo, Stwo, and Hudson Mohawke are a few of the great producers who remix tunes on a regular basis. Then they drop the tracks for free to the masses. Lastly, it’s free! #free-ninety-nine #freebee #gratis


    Sure, trolling is a part of every comment area online. But there’s genuine support for indie artists on the SoundCloud. Even mainstream recording artists will release their new singles on SoundCloud first to see how the music blogs and fans love it or diss it. So if you find something you like from an indie artist, you can leave your honest opinion and they’ll get the note.

    After about a month on SoundCloud, you can feel free to say in your best disappointed dad voice, “I heard about that group last year. I liked them until they sold out and became mainstream on the radio.” Now, hit play and enjoy the awesome playlist of artists you’ve never heard of.

    Tell us which artists you discovered on SoundCloud. We want to hear from you. Check out my 20 favorite songs on SoundCloud above.


    Music Review: Otis Brown III, The Thought of You (Part 1) feat. Bilal

    otis brown III, new music, blue note records

    Music Review: Otis Brown III, The Thought of You (Part 1) featuring Bilal

    One of the thoughts which stuck me immediately about this song oddly enough, wasn’t the music itself. It was the desire to know how long is the lineage of this music? Does the “III” in Otis Brown III mean that I’ve missed out on two previous generations of similar artistry? Of great music? It turns out that Otis Brown III comes from very musical parents. His father is a former jazz band instructor who played with both Al Green and James Brown. His mother is an educator and classically-trained pianist. With those roots, pulling everything together for your debut album should be easy, right? It’s an easy journey when a debut album is the brainchild of the accompanist for Esperanza Spalding and Joe Lovano, though taking the lead also seems to suit him well.

    The idea of a drummer being the leader of a jazz band is not as uncommon as it would seem. William ‘Chick’ Webb, Gene Krupa, and Buddy Rich were all well known drummers who led their own orchestras. After all, like the roots of the tallest California Redwood, a drummer creates the base and sets the tempo for all the other band members to follow. In his first album, Otis does just that. He leads with the idea of “Family First,” a concept of learning the essentials of music and support from his parents, and having a family of his own.

    On his debut album, The Thought of You, Otis puts together a talented ensemble including well-known R&B producer Robert Glasper on piano (and co-writer), bassist Ben Williams, saxophonist John Ellis, and trumpeter Keyton Harrold. The vibe of the album is reminiscent of a classic hip hop album. Its thematic interludes are a freewheeling and freestyling expression allowing Otis’s creativity to shine through. Another standout track is You’re Still the One. It’s a sultry take on the Shania Twain’s country classic. Singer Gretchen Parlato’s laid back vocals along with Glasper’s chord progressions offer the perfect blend with Brown’s jutting jabs on snare, keeping the focus on the music. After listening to snippets here and there, I’m ready to get the full Otis Brown III experience.


    Check out the tracks featuring Bilal and Gretchen Parlato below:


    Otis Brown III – The Thought of You (Part 1) feat. Bilal


    Otis Brown III – You’re Still the One feat. Gretchen Parlato



    The Verses and Flow Live Event, DC Edition

    verses and flow live, live music event, live music, lexus

    You know it’s a good day when you receive an invitation to attend an amazing music event. That was the case with the Lexus-sponsored Verses and Flow Live event held at the Long View Gallery in DC’s Shaw neighborhood. Verses and Flow has previously featured the powerful performances of Faith Evans and Jill Scott, paired with talented local and nationally renowned spoken word artists. The format followed its title. It featured the verses of a spoken word artist and the musical flow of a vocalist. Hosted by radio/tv personality, Adimu, it all went down live on air, on TV One.

    Walking into the event, you most certainly felt a buzz of activity in the air, and that was before they started letting everyone in.  I shortly realized what the buzz was about. Cathy Hughes, owner of Radio One came in just before me and was in media receiving area where attentive photographers were making every effort to get her attention in front of the Lexus Verses & Flow branded backdrop.

    After snapping pictures of her and her guests my attention turned towards the venue which seemed like it was meant to be a club more than a gallery. My next thought was “how did they get those cars in here?” The new Lexus coupe and sedan provided sufficient decoration for the event and Instagram fodder for those who wanted to pose as future owners. Flashing lights and Lexus branding were everywhere. So was the open bar, providing enough social lubrication to ensure everyone enjoyed the upcoming performances. The crowd of attendees was the hard to find mix of young and fashion-conscious professionals who know how to network and socialize. The casual observer would think that it was just a networking event, but everyone seemed on edge, enjoying themselves but with anticipation of more to come.

    Seats filled up immediately once they opened the rear performance area. Adimu, the MC, introduced Jon Goode, an artist I’d seen perform previously at spots in the city. His delivery on childhood reminisces was crystal clear and his lyrical flow often contained purposeful staccato. It brought back my childhood memories of having to be in before the street lights came on. His performance was well received. It felt like the audience took a similar trip down memory lane.

    After a brief break, spoken word artist Vision made his presence known as well, crafting an experience far beyond his lyrical content. His lyrics imbue the frenetic energy of his delivery. A piece he performed grabbed everyone’s attention. The words passionately tumbled from his mouth, seamlessly transferring his feelings to the audience, tapping on an emotional nerve. Check out a video of him performing.

    Ledisi was the musical highlight of this Verses and Flow Live edition. She gave an impressive performance. She pulled the audience in with hits from her previous albums, including “Pieces of Me.” It’s been quite some time since I’ve heard that sort of raw and powerful singing in such an intimate setting.  Not to detract from Vision, the very talented spoken word artist, but Ledisi singing “I Blame You” from her most recent album The Truth blew everyone away. Performances from Season 3 of the show were also amazing, and Season 4 apparently is already filming in LA. So be sure to tune in.

    New Music: Misun Is Old School Sound With New EDM Groove

    This anthem is a new twist on Billy Joel’s song “All For Leyna.” They picked up the pace, added some heavy drums and a few claps. But the track captured my attention simply because of the vocals. The female vocal arrangement pleading for Leyna one more time is enough to pull you in (if the beat isn’t enough). This is a heavy bass-infused, kicking song remake and remix of Billy Joel’s old tune. The new life infused into this track is all thanks to Misun, a band from DC. Misun produces songs which take musical influences from rock, hip hop, and in this case EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Though they started as coworkers in the same restaurant, lead vocalist Misun Wojcik, bassist William Devon, guitarist and producer Nacey and drummer Jon Jester relocated to LA, and have recently performed at SXSW.

    The remnants of the old song remain, but carry such a different energy than its predecessor.  Gone is the gut wrenching urgency and the extreme feeling of an unrequited obsession that Joel conveyed in every word. This version takes several steps back from the ledge and lightens the bleak picture of love sucking hope down in its undertow. The lyrics are there, but the listener knows this song is for fun. A lighthearted high-pitched female voice recites the same lyrics, but to seduce the club generation who are used to big beats and chopped up vocals. At about the 2:45 mark, there is about 30 seconds worth of haunting vocals that seem to provide the listener with a solemn break to remind the listener of the true intent of the lyrics. Let’s be honest, spring is here finally. Who really wants to be down? The beat drops back in and everything is right in the world. With such a varied sound, Misun is a group worth your attention, regardless of your favorite genre.  Check out the songs below, you’ll be surprised at their range.

    Misun – Travel With Me

    Misun – Harlot

    New Music From Down Under: TV Colours, “Beverly”

    In Australia, there’s only one on the scene as a growing indie powerhouse making new music with that vintage punk rock sound. That powerhouse is TV Colours. Producing artists such as Melbourne singer Courtney Barnett, producer Ta-Ku from Perth, and Sydney’s Jagwar Ma, TV Colours started as a one man band by Bobby Kill in 2007. The group currently includes Bobby Kill, Catfish, Ed Wood, and L.A Thomas. Their sound is often compared to Bob Mould (front man for Hüsker Dü), who is a punk rock pioneer and is often cited as being a major influence on Nirvana and the Pixies. TV Colours has an old style punk rock appeal. Some punk bands rely more heavily on the bass and distortion. So it’s cool to be able to hear some lyrics to go along with the music.

    The track “Beverly” feels like it should be an anthem for the coolest part of Brooklyn. The lyrics are brimming with angst and intensity, which make the song vibrate in your ears. For fans of the Ramones or The Clash, TV Colours’ new music should fit right in to your “cassette tape” collection. What really makes this song an anthem is it’s “singability.” The song is up-tempo with high guitar riffs that lead you to hum out loud, break out dance, and wonder how much fun it would be see him live in concert.

    TV Colours has a lot of space to run with this new music and old sound since the 80’s appeal is making a comeback (the Strokes and Japandroids are other prime examples of this phenomenon). Most of all, they make good punk music. So if you’re in the mood to party, have memories of synths being creative instead of requisite, and like high energy music, then take a listen.

    New Music: Falls, “Into the Fire”


    This month is dedicated to vintage. Think, the Instamatic camera in your parents closet, or their classic Ray Bans you “borrowed” from them to sport during the summer. Vintage, of course extends beyond style into the realm of music. Artists like Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Bruno Mars channel sounds in their musical arrangements that haven’t been heard since the 60’s and conjure up the feeling of looking through black and white pictures in an old family photo album. The next artist featured in the Musical Gastronomy series is like that album, or like a dish that brings to mind an old love, warm and settling. Sydney duo Falls otherwise known as the Falls is an Australian band who brings to mind the musical styling of Johnny Cash and June Carter.

    via Music Feeds
    Speaking of tumultuous relationships, the bio for the Falls starts quite simply with “They met. They fell in love. They fought. They broke up.” If you’ve had a meaningful relationship, you understand the feeling of sadness that comes along with recalling an old flame. Anything can trigger that sense, from a whiff of perfume, to a meal that the two of you shared. An ex used to order from a Chinese place near here that had the best Szechuan chicken. To this day, she comes to mind whenever I order the meal there. It’s not so much reminiscing than a fleeting feeling that colors the meal. “Into the Fire” by The Falls captures this mood in song. Using their broken romance as inspiration, the song is soulful and contemplative of what led the relationship to end. “I’m running in a race that’s not worth running, I’m tired of sticking up for you…” speaks to the exasperation of the singer, but the passionate delivery is what creates a sense of urgency in a seemingly folksy song.

    Melinda and Simon’s voices carry haunting notes in the song with lyrics that have true depth in meaning. Sydney duo Falls is certainly a band to watch, and are currently touring with Delta Rae throughout the US, finishing up at SXSW. Take a listen and share your thoughts of the song below.

    the Falls – Into The Fire

    New Music: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr “Rush Into Love” (Feat Slim and Chuck Inglish)

    Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

    The quality of music that you get from Detroit duo Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott may not quite match what you would imagine from a band named after a NASCAR Hall of Fame driver. But Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. brings the unexpected on their new track “Rush into Love”. The first artist featured in the Musical Gastronomy series takes inspiration from the likes of Gil Scott-Heron and Madonna, merging musical genres in such an unpredictable way. 

    I listened to the song a few times and couldn’t figure out what I was feeling. But I was definitely feeling something. Listening nearby, a friend started to talk about how that track made him feel like spring is coming. Well, spring is coming. But oddly enough, that segued into a discussion about brunch. No, we are not stoners. But for some reason, the brunch idea stuck with me. In addition to being a favorite meal time, there’s a certain lightheartedness that comes with the brunch experience. Brunch is good for talking about last night’s party or for making plans to do nothing the rest of the day or eating something to help with that awful hangover. You can’t go wrong with a brunch that comes along with mimosas or a Bloody Mary. Besides, who can take French toast seriously? Do they even eat that in France?

    Similarly, this song expresses that kind of playfulness of brunch. From the intro, the light synth gives an old school feel, like last night’s 80’s dance party. The bass beat drops in and matches the tempo of fingers drumming, waiting on the waiter to bring over the menus. What comes next is an unexpected but warm voice in a pitch that sings the high notes of the champagne in the orange juice. A surprise from the indie band is their collaboration with Slim (formerly of 112), and fellow Michigander Chuck Inglish from The Cool Kids – two artists with their very own distinct musical careers.

    Slim comes in on the refrain displaying his well-established vocal abilities in the higher octaves, and the combination of the two fit seamlessly together. The omelet and pancakes finally arrive with a side of sautéed baby spinach, which is unexpected but welcomed. That sentiment carries over to Chuck Inglish’s appearance towards the middle of the song. The song has such a fun flow that a rap break could throw off the song’s energy, but Chuck keeps his lyrics in tandem and adds a layer of cool. This type of catchy track would easily fall into one of my pop music guilty pleasures.

    Thankfully, these talented artists and creative production give the track layers that don’t take away from the band’s indie cred. Though I could listen to that beat all day, the song is short, and in that way if feels like a great brunch with good friends.

    Definitely check out the rest of the mix-tape out here, with the likes of Murs, Asher Roth, and GoldenBoyz making great features.

    For The Love of Food And Music


    How do you listen to music? Does it blow past you while you sit intently focused on the screen in front you? Or do you let it waft over you like a breeze carrying the scent of freshly baked bread out of the oven? The point is that there’s no one way to listen, and certainly many ways to appreciate music. Everyone listens to music; even if you live in a bunker awaiting the zombie apocalypse. You should definitely have some good tunes, some good listening music. If you listen attentively, there are parts of a song which regardless of genre, provoke a type of feeling. Whether it’s in the melody, rhythm, or texture of the song, the first thing that strikes you about any song is how it makes you feel. Some music takes you to the past, like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin may take you back.

    Similarly, food evokes a familiar feeling. Like the mac and cheese that reminds you of home during the holidays, even when you’re miles away. Remember that cake at your first grade school birthday party? Food envelops you in an array of feelings and memories. Just think, if you could taste your favorite song, or hear a five course meal. What would they taste and sound like?

    For me, whenever I smell bay leaves in a soup, it makes me think of Saturday evenings. Every Saturday growing up, there would be soup simmering on the stove for hours. Bay leaves were always part of the soup recipe, with an aroma equally as delicious as the flavor it added. Cruisin’ by Smokey Robinson comes to mind, though there was always a Motown artist playing lightly on the radio in the background. That song embodies the feeling of comfort that came along with eating soup on Saturdays. Smokey Robinson’s voice had an airy quality in its falsetto, like the fragrance of spices that filled our whole house. The laidback beat and strings bring to mind the rhythmic bubbling as the soup was stewing on the stove.

    What’s in your musical gastronomy mix?

    Listen to these tunes and tell us what your musical gastronomy mix would be.

    Oddisee – Caprice Down

    The Lone Bellow – Teach Me to Know

    Timothy Bloom – The Morning After