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    @AntarPenguin Launches New Social Initiative in Fashion on @Kickstarter

    A New Social Initiative in Fashion

    Socially conscious fashion brand Antar Penguin has announced its latest social initiative in fashion, “Smart casual – A shirt for a second chance,” which launched on Kickstarter on Friday, April 29. To create the program, Antar Penguin has teamed up with Career Gear, a non-profit organization, which provides job skills training and assists the unemployed. Now, they can also give people the chance to dress for the workplace.

    “Smart casual – a shirt for a second chance” reflects the long-held ideal of Antar Penguin Founders, Jimi Feng and Spoze Shen, which the elegance of Antar Penguin is not only in its look but also in its philosophy. “We believe that a fashion company should not solely be focused on the outer look and marketing of its products, but should also strive to promote ideals that make life more meaningful,” said Feng.

    Antar Penguin’s mission is to make elegant, high quality products that bring people joy while contributing to the environment and society. To facilitate the “Smart Casual” project, the company seeks to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter over the next two months. By purchasing a shirt, customers will feel good knowing they may help save someone, or even a whole family, from becoming homeless. It will also help them to create a better life.

    With a little social initiative in fashion, these families and future generations can receive a helping hand. “A lot of major brands and companies send aid to other countries, but they forget that there are still some people in their home country like the United States that need help. We want to tell our customers to come back to help their own communities,” said Feng.

    A shirt can go a long way toward reaching out to those in need. Shirts are subtle fashion statements that mark one’s entrance into the real world. They are a symbol of self-confidence. To create the “Smart Casual” shirt, Antar Penguin enlisted the help of designer Alex Benekritis, who has worked with major labels such as Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Through meticulous craftsmanship, Benekritis infused Antar Penguin’s spirit of elegance into the design. Made from high quality cotton fabrics selected from Europe, the shirts are exquisitely tailored, yet are chic and comfortable. With each purchase, customers will also receive an anti-dust garment bag, cufflinks, thank you card, gift box – and the opportunity to get involved.

    Everyone who purchases a shirt is encouraged to write letters via the Antar Penguin website to share his or her life’s story, personal experiences or helpful advice. These letters will the be packaged and sent together with the shirts to Career Gear, who will distribute them to those in need. In addition, Career Gear will also provide skills training and arrange job interviews. Step by step, these white shirts will build bridges of hope and help change the world one shirt at a time.

    #SUSTAINABLEFASHION: Karl Parka by Nudie Jeans (@NudieJeans)

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    Guys, here’s your smart pick for best parka of the decade. First off, it’s long like a car coat. Not like other parkas that hit at the upper thigh. It has a detachable lining that can be worn on its own as a quilted jacket. It has great small details like a cell phone pocket, adjustable strings and great hood. Best of all, it’s made from 100% organic cotton. Available at Nudie Jeans.

    Fashionistas Flock To The Gilt City DC Warehouse Sale

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    Gilt City DC Warehouse Sale Rocks!

    It happens twice a year. This June, The Gilt City Warehouse Sale opened it’s doors to the district; ushering in the triumphant return of high fashion at discount prices. Shopping a warehouse sale is a physically demanding sport that requires advance training. I started doing sprints and push-ups to work on my agility. I watched a karate video on YouTube so I knew what to do in the event that frenzied fashionistas started throwing elbows at me. I was prepared. To say that this biannual sale is a highly anticipated event would be putting it mildly. You can find designers like Oscar De La Renta, Bagdley Mischka, Helmut Lang, and Caroline Herrera (welcome to the neighborhood!) for up to 80 percent off. Once they got in, shoppers entering the sale were immediately transfixed by the racks upon racks of designer clothes, shoes, and accessories laid out before them as far as the eye can see.

    There but to observe and draw meaning from the chaos of a Gilt City DC Warehouse Sale, I sipped my delicious complimentary La Marca Prosecco.  I walked up and down the aisles to take in the atmosphere including the electric sounds, courtesy of DJ KC Higgins. With the energizing beats lighting up the venue and fresh cocktails flowing, you really felt like this was your moment. You were a prize fighter sauntering down the aisle to your soundtrack, like there was a ring waiting for you at the end of every row. Or a dress. Or the bag of your dreams. Many women did not want to risk losing their momentum by stopping, and did some kind of “walking try-on” ritual. They were pulling tops over their head or stepping into skirts and dresses while continuing to walk, preferring to layer two outfits over their own clothing than go to a fitting room for 3 minutes and miss a beat.

    Gilt City DC didn’t forget about the guys. There were gents were in attendance, and it wasn’t to sit up front and hold someone’s purse. Gilt City DC had fashions from names like Tom Ford, John Varvatos, and GANT for equally incredible prices to keep stylish Washingtonian men happy. For them, it wasn’t nearly as hectic. They were so lucky. They could actually browse through the aisles without a care. Isn’t this always the case?

    It was a fantastic night. Finding a deal is my joy, but the night itself was really just so much FUN! The music and refreshments were great, the atmosphere was energetic, and there was a shared sense of camaraderie and laughter among the ladies. But the real highlight for me were the dramatic surprise reactions from people who unearthed a treasure while digging through a bin. Sheer delight. I look forward to watching them next year. I better start training now.

    Want to snag an invite for next time? For more information about Gilt City DC and this amazing biannual warehouse sale, visit Gilt City DC. Follow Gilt City DC on Twitter at @GiltCityDC for access to the best deals and offers in Washington, D.C.


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    Gilt City DC Warehouse Sale Hits Union Market

    Date: Friday, June 12th and Saturday, June 13th

    Location: Dock5 at Union Market (1309 5th Street NE)

    Tickets for the Gilt City DC Warehouse Sale are on sale now at:

    • Sip cocktails with your friends during this two-day shopping party, where you’ll find designer clothing and accessories from Gilt’s top brands for women, men, and kids, plus home décor and more – all at up to 80% off retail.
    • Shop hundreds of the most coveted brands, including both up-and-coming designers and the most venerable fashion houses like Zac Posen, Helmut Lang, Missoni, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Badgley Mischka, Carolina Herrera and more. For the guys, think Tom Ford, Paul Smith, John Varvatos, and GANT, just to name a few.
    • Enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks while you shop!
    • Plus – we’re opening up our exclusive media session on Friday night to Gilt City DC members. A very limited number of tickets are available for this session, so be sure to snag one quickly!To attend, guests can purchase tickets for the following dates and times:

      • Early Access media session (limited number of tickets available for Gilt City DC members): Friday, June 12, 7PM-9PM, $25
      • Late Night Entrance: Friday, June 12, 9:30PM-11:30PM, $20
      • Saturday, April 25, 9AM-11AM, $10
      • Saturday, April 25, 11AM-1PM, $10
      • Saturday, April 25, 1PM-3PM, $10
      • Saturday, April 25, 3PM-5PM, $10
      • Saturday, April 25, 5PM-7PM, $10
      • Saturday, April 25, 7PM-9PM, $10

    How Dapper Men Travel on the Last Train to Paris

    These seven gentlemen are all headed to different worldly destinations. It’s the Last Train to Paris. But the goal for all remains the same – Travel In Style! It’s a mix of modern and vintage. This is the way that a man should travel the world—with style and swag.  The uber stylish men of the ’50s wouldn’t be caught dead traveling without the proper attire. We want to bring back this travel tradition. We’re tired of seeing people on planes, trains, and in automobiles dressed like slobs. Up your travel game. Now.


    Editorial Story Title: “Last Train to Paris”

    Photography: M. Coleman of Savage Nature Studios – @SavageNatureStudios

    Creative Director/Stylist: H. Morgan @LegendaryHandM

    Wardrobe Provided by Bespoke Not Broke @BespokeNotBroke and Wilson’s Leather (National Harbor, MD)

    Luggage Provided by B4 Kizzy Evae @KizzyEvae

    Models appear courtesy of ROE: The Agency – @ROETHEAGENCY


    7 Sleek, Cool Sunglasses with Major Swag

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    Sunglasses Every Guy Will Want to Own

    Guys, a key essential to your spring/summer wardrobe is a great pair of sunglasses (or several great pair if that’s your thing). Your sunglasses will need to work well with your dressy and casual looks, at summer events or at the beach, or just hanging out with friends. The look will be important. Trust us, we know how hard it is to pick a pair of sunglasses to help you to stand out from every other guy out there. You have your own style that you have worked very hard to pull together. Your street cred is at stake.

    Dude, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven (7) pairs of sunglasses with major swag:

    [satellite gallery=1 auto=on caption=on thumbs=on]


    Kanye West and Yeezy Love, No Love

    Kanye West, Yeezy 3, Yeezy 2

    Mr. Kayne West is in the Building

    Mr. Kanye West seems to be making a comeback this year. First, he had a couple of collaborations with Sr. Paul McCartney. If there is anyone out there who doesn’t know who Paul McCartney is, you should slap yourself now—shame on you. Paul McCartney was a member of the Beatles and then became a solo artist. Now, if you don’t know who the Beatles are, then I can’t help you anymore. Google it. Their song “Only One” debuted in early February. They then released “FourFiveSeconds” which also features Rihanna. That’s not all though.

    Kanye West and Adidas just recently launched the Yeezy 3, also known as the Yeezy 750 Boost, which are pretty much similar to the Yeezy 1 and Yeezy 2. The big difference is that the one and two were a collaboration with Nike. Due to some disagreements with the contract, Kanye West decided to collaborate with Adidas.

    Personally I’m not a big fan of the Yeezy. I love Kanye’s style but the Yeezy sneaker just doesn’t cut it for me. The light grey color and the suede are a nice touch. It can make your decision easy if you are trying to pair the kicks with an outfit. But the downfall of the Yeezy 3 is the general overall look. These kicks are a little too high top for my liking, even though all of the styles are made the same. Kanye West has a countdown on his website. Not sure what it’s all about. The new sneaks have launched. If you go to Yeezy, the countdown is still running. West is full of surprises. Just ask Taylor Swift and Beck.

    Another thing that we can expect from Kanye this year is hopefully another album. He has released a new single, “All Day”. His music website, Kanye West, has a link to the new single and the accompanying video. This leads me to suspect that his album is going to be fresh. Kanye has always been known to use real instruments in his music. This just cannot be said about a lot of artists today. Also, watch for the Watch the Throne 2 which will hopefully be released this year. In previous interviews. West mentioned that he and Jay-Z were fighting over songs that they want to use on their own albums and the songs that they want to use on WTT2. Either way, both will be amazing; I can guarantee it.

    How to Take Care of Your Jeans

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    Easy Steps for Keeping Your Jeans Looking Fresh

    According to Google, the word fade is defined as, “gradually grow faint or disappear.” This is what will happen if you just throw your jeans in the washer and dryer; especially if you have cheap jeans. Believe it or not, it’s actually really easy to take care of your jeans. Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your jeans looking super fresh.

    Cheap jeans might not last as long. Now, you’re probably wondering how to differentiate the good ones from the cheap ones. It actually doesn’t have to do with price entirely. First, ignore the logo or the name on the rear pockets. That’s just a branding statement. It’s more about weight; the heavier the jean, the longer that it will last. Another way to tell is the thickness of the jean. If your jeans seem very stretchy then it probably has a lot of elastic. That means that when you constantly put your jeans through washers and dryers, the dryer is actually breaking down the elastic, creating holes and tears.

    The best way to tell if you have a great pair of jeans is by looking at the inseam. The inseam is where the stitching is found. Turn your jeans inside out or just cuff the bottom of a pant leg. You’ll see something that looks like this:

    jeans, men's jeans, how to take care of your jeans

    If it doesn’t have the white stitching on both sides of the inseam, then the jeans probably won’t last you that long. But let’s get to how to wash these babies without wearing them out too fast.

    There are several ways to clean your jeans other than the washer or dryer. The easiest way by far is to go to the dry cleaners. It might be a little pricey. But if don’t have the time to wash your clothes, then this would probably be your best bet. Now, if you do have time, then hand-wash your jeans. Make sure that you wash use cold water. This will stop the shrinkage. Keep in mind that the thicker the jeans, the longer it will take to dry. Hang dry to ensure it will air out.

    Personally, the best way to wash your jeans is with a toothbrush, a little bit of detergent, and some water. Scrub the areas that are dirty. Don’t scrape it down like sand paper. A nice clockwise or counter-clockwise scrub will do the trick. Then get a large freezer bag. Put the washed jeans into the bag and throw it in the freezer—the colder the better. This might sound weird, but it’s actually been proven that freezing temperatures kill bacteria.

    I would suggest that you only wash your jeans when needed. The longer you can go without washing, the better. I’ve gone several weeks without washing my jeans. I know that may sound gross. It really just depends on you. If you sweat a lot then you probably shouldn’t go that long. Or if your jeans smell, then you should definitely wash them. Just saying.

    Tell us your tricks for keeping your jeans fresh!

    {image via Rawr Denim}

    Supreme New York Has Got Your Covered

    supreme new york, supreme clothing, streetwear

    Supreme New York Has Coats Galore

    Winter is here and there is no escaping it. One brand that seems to be ready for the winter is Supreme New York. If you are not familiar with the brand, it’s a New York City original that was founded in 1994. You might have seen skateboarders wearing their hats and jackets, or even cruising on their skateboards. But Supreme New York offers so much more than just clothes for skateboarders.

    supreme new york, supreme clothing, streetwear

    Their Fall/ Winter lookbook contains some really trendy pieces. If you like sleek and clean then this forest green Hooded Leather Parka is the jacket for you. This lambskin jacket has two-breasted hand warmers, which are trimmed in brown leather. It also sports two snapped buttoned pockets on the bottom half of the jacket. It gets better though; the leather parka is brown on the back all the way through the hood. This jacket is also available in all black and all red.

    supreme new york, supreme clothing, streetwear

    Now if you’re “All About the Benjamins” and love wearing suits, then you should definitely consider wearing Supreme New York’s Wool Overcoat. It’s a beautiful, long, tan coat with black buttons and a black velvet collar. Not only can you wear this coat to work, but you can also strut your stuff on the weekends or wear it to a nice bar. Trust me, the ladies will be impressed by this coat in the tan or the black.

    supreme new york, supreme clothing, streetwear

    Supreme did stick to its roots though with the Quilted Coaches Jacket (with nostalgic SUPREME logo embroidered on the front). If you’re looking for attention, then this is the jacket that you need. The way that light reflects off of the nylon will force people to look at you. And if you’re about wearing pieces that make a statement, then the Quilted Coaches Jacket is something that you should definitely consider adding to your closet. It comes in black, green, blue, and best of all Supreme red.


    supreme new york, supreme clothing, streetwear

    A great patriotic item in the Supreme Fall/Winter lookbook is the Box Logo Pullover. The pullover comes in a variety of colors but the patriotic one stands out the most with its red, white, and blue waves of glory. Everyone has been raving about it. Supreme New York even had Asspizza, a 14-year-old fashion icon (who draws on shirts and sells them for 200 dollars) add this pullover to his fashionable closet.

    But enough of jackets and pullovers. Supreme always steps its game up when it comes to button-ups. One button-up that really stands out in this collection is the Heavy Corduroy Shirt. It is available in red, blue, black, and brown. There’s also the Moleskin Snap Front Work Shirt, with two-breasted pockets, the Utility Flannel Shirt, the Plaid Rugby Top, and the Denim Hooded Baseball Shirt. The Baseball shirt looks great in all colors and is made out of cotton twill.

    Also, if you’re into boots, look out for the Supreme and Timberland collaboration. They just came out with blue, green, yellow, and black field boots that will step your street style up a couple notches.

    What’s Your Favorite Supreme New York Item?

    Guys, Don’t Mess Up Valentine’s Day

    valentine's day, love, what to do on valentine's day

    How to Have a Great Valentine’s Day!

    February 14th is probably one of the most stressful days for you guys. It’s the day, in a girl’s eye, that will separate the boys from the men. It can even make or break a relationship. I’m here to help the boys out. Men read along. If you’re good to your lady, then you’re probably already doing all of the below. Here are the do’s and don’ts of Valentine’s Day; from what to wear to what not to order for dinner.

    Rule Number One: Groom yourself.

    You should have a fresh and smooth clean shave. But if you are a beard guy, she probably loves it. But don’t look like “Cousin It” from The Adams Family either. Be as presentable as you would be for a job interview. And if you have a uni-brow pluck, thread, or wax that caterpillar into a right and left brow. Just because the mono-brow works for Anthony Davis and J. Cole doesn’t mean that it’ll work for you.

    Rule Number Two: Make sure that you are dressed nice.

    Do not, and I stress, do not wear anything that you would wear when lounging around your home or apartment. Try to impress this woman that you’re with. Especially if this is the first Valentine’s Day that you guys are spending together. You can go the safe route with a nice button up shirt, some cool pants, even a nice pair of jeans, and definitely some nice shoes. The shoes don’t have to be dressy but they should not be anywhere in the realm of a Jordan sneaker.

    Rule Number Three: Get a good gift.

    Flowers are nice but they are not the only gift. If you decide on flowers, change the container if it’s not a nice vase. That’s just going to show her that you’re cheap. She can reuse it and she will appreciate it.

    Now if this is your first Valentine’s Day together, get her something practical like chocolates or maybe even an album from her favorite artist. If this isn’t your first Valentine’s Day, then you have to get her more than just chocolates or flowers. Get her a nice necklace or even some earrings. Don’t get her a ring unless you were actually thinking about proposing. It will send mixed signals and turn your Valentine’s Day from great to disaster.

    Rule Number Four: Make a reservation

    Pick one of your favorite restaurants, unless you’re going to cook for her, which is actually sexier in my book. Make sure that you listen to her. If she tells you that she really loves Olive Garden, for example, then take her to Olive Garden. Just make sure that you make a reservation.

    Rule Number Five: Don’t be late.

    The last thing that a woman wants to do is wait around for you. I can bet you that if you tell her that you’re picking her up at 7pm for a 7:30pm reservation, she is going to start getting ready at 5pm. So the last thing she wants to do is wait.

    Rule Number Six: Be yourself

    If this is the first time that your guys are celebrating Valentine’s Day, don’t go crazy. No one likes a fake person. So just be yourself and you should be fine. The easiest mistake is getting nervous and pretending to be someone that you’re not. If she doesn’t like the real you then its just not meant to be. Better to find out sooner than later.

    Rule Number Seven: Don’t push her to do anything that she doesn’t want to do.

    If she wants to kiss you, she will kiss you. Go for a hug, tell her that you had a great time and that you hope you can do this again. Blah blah blah; you know the drill. She will give you a signal if she wants you to kiss her. If the signal is given, go for it!

    Rules eight, nine, and ten are for long term Lovers ONLY!

    Rule Number Eight: Create a mood.

    The mood can be set in various locations depending on your living situation. If you still live with your parents, which is totally fine, don’t take her to the nest. Make a reservation at a hotel. Now, if you really want fireworks, get to the hotel before you pick her up for dinner. Decorate the room with rose petals and candles. She will think that it’s so cute. Just make sure that the rose petals that you put on the bed are white ones. You don’t want to have to pay for the stains that the red petals will leave behind.

    Another thing you could do besides the rose petals is leave little notes. This will work better if you have your own place because it can be like a scavenger hunt. The first one can read ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. Have some fun with it. Make sure that each note is just as creative as the next one. Even put some inside jokes in there. Finally have the second to last note in an area where she can see you. Hold the last note in your hand and read it to her.

    Rule Number Nine: Treat her like a princess.

    Valentine’s Day is really for women. Most men don’t like it because it’s stressful trying to figure out what to do. Trust me, it’s worth it. It’s important for you so show her that you appreciate her.

    Rule Number Ten: Make sure you tell her you love her.

    Even if she already knows it, she’s going to love hearing you say those three words.

    What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Tell us below or tag us on Facebook.

    It’s a New Year, Seriously

    coachella, new year, music festivals, menswear

    Really, It’s A New Year

    Year after year people ask each other about their New Year’s resolutions. Some may say it’s a new beginning; others say a new work out goal, maybe even to travel to another country. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.

    To me, a new year does mean new adventures and new styles to look forward to. Maybe even some new artists. But I never make a resolution. When I want to change something about myself I just change it. I don’t see the point in waiting for a new year. I look more at the here and now. How I can do something now rather than later. Of course, I have goals but it’s more about what I’m doing now that will help me obtain those goals.

    Now I’m not trying to say that New Year’s Resolutions are implausible, because they’re not. There are people out there that actually do follow through with their resolutions all year long. Big props to you guys. I just like to act on my decision as soon as I can.

    In 2015, I hope to see more Cali fashion trends reach the DC area. I want to see less conservative Washingtonians. In the summer, women should be wearing shorter shorts. Not so short that your buttocks are showing. But short enough to show some leg. And don’t be scared to show a little mid-drift. I want to see some Coachella vibes in DC when the weather starts to get warmer.

    I also hope that guys stop wearing flip-flops. If there is not a beach around then we shouldn’t see your feet. Sandals are cool on guys. But not flip-flops [side note: my editor is clapping]. The only other time that these are acceptable to wear is if you have that sort of surfer-skateboarder look. It’s just awkward, especially when your toes aren’t up to par.

    On the music front, I can’t wait to hear from Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Big Sean, and Schoolboy Q. If you haven’t heard Kanye and Paul McCartney’s new song “Only One”, then you definitely should. ‘Ye makes references to his mother, Donda West, who passed a few years back, and to his lovely daughter North West. J. Cole also came out with an album, “2014 Forest Hills Drive”, which was amazing. I expect that after this album he will be collaborating on a bunch of albums and singles.

    One thing we can all look forward is living better in 2015, than we did in 2014.



    [image via Coachella Music Festival]

    3 Ways to Wear Plaid This Fall

    wear plaid, how to wear plaid, plaid pants, plaid suits

    How to Wear Plaid This Fall

    Plaid has surged back to the forefront of fashion for men. Plaid was a go-to power look for stylish men in the 1970’s. But the often ridiculous plaid trends that followed made plaid patterns a frightful sight until now. What was once the go-to pattern for punk rockers, faux lumberjacks and techies has returned to its place in dandy excellence. Here are three ways you should wear plaid this fall and winter:

    Wear Plaid as The Suit

    Glen Plaid. Prince of Wales.  Window Pane. If these terms are unfamiliar to you when discussing suits, you’ve failed in your quest for sartorial success. Yes, solid greys and navy blues are acceptable in any and every setting. But why be bland when you can be bold? Plaid wool suits like this one (shown above) from D.C.-area bespoke tailor Dash’s of Old Town can inject an air of regalness and distinction into your look this season.

    Wear Plaid as The Shacket

    Is it a shirt? No, it’s a jacket. Wait, it’s a shirt and a jacket. It’s a shacket or a carry-over from heritage trends true to outdoorsmen and hunting lore.  The plaid flannel shirt/jacket can be worn as a base layer in colder weather. Another way to wear plaid is as an outer layer in mild yet breezy conditions. Buffalo or checker print plaid is a marquee pattern for FW14. Kanye West collaborator, Virgil Abloh, has eloquently produced a wearable shacket for the season.

    wear plaid, how to wear plaid, plaid shirts, plaid pants

    Wear Plaid as The Flannel Trouser

    Adaptability and versatility are keys to sartorial success in the fall and winter months. It’s the time of year where the daytime temperature may be quite comfortable with a chilled breeze. But the evening brings in a fierce, bitter cold. Protect your legs. Fend off the late year cool with some cool of your own. Invest in a pair of plaid flannel trousers like these from Tommy Hilfiger. Pair your trousers with a wool blazer and become the king of fall.

    wear plaid, how to wear plaid, plaid shirts, plaid pants



    What’s your favorite way to wear plaid? Tell us below or tag us in your plaid look on Facebook.

    Prospekt Supply: Hip Winter Coats for Men

    winter coates for men, winter coats, menswear

    Hip Winter Coats for Men


    Every craftsman masters a special skill. Architects, plumbers, and stonemasons are all creators and builders. The menswear designer is yet another craftsman who masterfully oversees the production of men’s fashion and apparel, from inception to the finished product. Though a designer’s product lines may include a wide array of pieces and accessories, the menswear designer tends to be the best at one particular item of clothing before moving on to other things. Brooks Brothers collectively perfected and put their stamp on what we’ve come to know as the “ready-made” or off-the-rack suits. A young entrepreneur by the name of Ralph Lifshitz, or better to known to you and me as Ralph Lauren, made his mark with neckties. But he would later give the world the infamous Polo shirt. Alexander Wang redefined the simple tee and elevated it to something more than a layering piece.

    Up-and-coming menswear brand, Prospekt Supply, is following the footsteps of their predecessors. They are choosing to focus on perfecting one piece rather than working with scattered minds as a jack of all trades. Prospekt Supply has a unique position in menswear, choosing the anorak, or parka jacket, as its staple piece. They firmly believe that it starts with looking at who the person could be. Then they create those contemporary pieces with consideration to who a person can become, rather than who they are. Add the fact that they use the most kickass fabrics like navy pinstripe suiting, water-resistant technical shells, cotton twills and lambskin. All the fabrics that hip, cool and modern guys want in winter coats for men. Lookbooks for SS 2015 tease us with a wider offering including tops, bottoms and more. But for me, the Prospekt Supply anorak stands out as the flagship piece for a brand and stands to distinguish the brand from all of the other contenders. The anorak has been a favorite style of winter coats for men.

    Here are a few of Prospekt Supply’s best offerings, perfect winter coats for men that are suitable for the fall:

    winter coates for men, winter coats, menswear

    The Natural Cotton Canvas Pullover is elegant and functional. Cover up like a gentlemen in the fall nights.


    winter coates for men, winter coats, menswear

    Who said you couldn’t be rugged and regal? This Tan Cotton Moleskin Pullover encompasses it all.

    winter coates for men, winter coats, menswear

    Add a bit more texture to your form with this tonal Desert Cotton Twill Full-Zip





    Images from Prospekt Supply website

    Hall of Fame (HOF): Streetwear and Sports Collide on Rosewood

    streetwear, luxury streetwear, street style, menswear

    Hall of Fame (HOF): Streetwear and Sports Collide on Rosewood

    What do you see in every rap music video from the late 1980’s and 1990’s? Rappers are performing their songs alongside their large entourages. Beautiful women are dancing, and there may be a luxury car or wide shot of the artist’s neighborhood. Now, take a look at the fashion. The percussive poets are wearing gold jewelry with their designer clothes and sporting the most exclusive sneakers and footwear. The short musical films are bright and colorful, representative of the Hip Hop culture that inspired them. One thing you will find in every rap music video from that era is streetwear mixed with sportswear: NBA jerseys, MLB hats, NFL crew necks and more. There is a lot to be said about the connection between Hip Hop-inspired street culture and sports, with the artists who move the culture aspiring for the fame of sports legends and athletes longing to be the artists they listen to. When street and sports culture meet at the crossroads of fashion, we get LA-based streetwear brand Hall of Fame (HOF).

    Inspired by professional sportswear designs, sports culture, and actual Hall of Fame icons like Larry Bird, HOF delivers pieces that connect with the fan experience across sports while delivering that streetwear swag.

    Here are a few of my favorite HOF pieces:

    Hall of Fame Contenders Tee

    streetwear, luxury streetwear, streetwear brands


    There’s nothing like a graphic tee honoring the sport of boxing with a little humor and streetwear swag like the Contenders tee.

    Mercy Baseball Jersey

    It’s almost playoff season in Major League Baseball. But some folks (like myself) are only connected to baseball of baseball streetwear gear.  This Mercy baseball jersey pays an ode to the days of our national pastime’s Golden Era with its circular embroidery design and is tailor fit to make your look a home run.

    Namath New Vintage Jersey

    Paying homage to one of the NFL’s all time greatest and most stylish quarterbacks, the Namath New Vintage jersey injects style into one of the most sought-after pieces of football memorabilia.


    The All White Party: Dress Clothes for Men

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    The Best Dress Clothes for Men for the All White Party

    It’s that time of year. The time of year that we all love. Summer has finally arrived. Hot weather signals iced coffee in the afternoon, more and more rooftop happy hours, and overdosing on food from those weekend cookouts. Summer’s return also sets the stage for the notorious All White Party. Guys, you need to know which dress clothes for men need to be in your closet ready for the big party.

    These special social gatherings are usually the highlight of the summer. From now right through Labor Day, you can expect an All White Party to happen at least once a week. It is expected, well really required, that all attendees wear white. For us, this is no easy task. Men are creatures of contrast and at a disadvantage when our palettes are limited to only one color.

    But have no fear. You know that I know that I am going to help you navigate your way to the best dress clothes for men available to help you be that standout guy at this illustrious event. When a social setting such as an All White party limits our color options, men can achieve sartorial excellence with texture and form. So how can you pull this look together easily? Here are few examples of how you can become a giant among dwarfs at your next All White engagement.

    The Summer Layer

    Layers can always make a man larger-than-life. Warm weather should not be a deterrent from employing layers. This is such an easy and dapper way to pull off that hip look for any All White event. Wear your pure white t-shirt or henley under an off-white blazer. The contrast between white and off-white is subtle but effective. Men are able to pull this look off far more easily than women.


    Tatter and Taper

    Kilogram - Stark White Flap - Pocket Denim Jeans

    Dress out your white bottoms in form and design. Bottoms like these Stark White Flap – Pocket Denim Jeans keep your shape narrow and your look unique. To add swag, pair with a crisp white linen shirt.


    Mixed Flavor

    Blazer Tailored Fit Linen Jacket White

    Finally, don’t make the mistake of becoming a blank sheet of paper by wearing the same hue of white. Start with a great white jacket like this linen jacket from Moss Bros. or a great pair of white pants. Mix pure white with colors like beige, cream, or egg white to give your look depth and dimension.

    Trying to find the best dress clothes for men to wear to an All White Party might seem daunting. But trust me guys, it’s easy. Just take my advice and you will stand out like the star that you are.


    Summer Men’s Fashion: Wedding Guest Attire with Swag

    summer men's fashion, men's fashion, menswear, summer clothes, wedding guest attire

    Summer Men’s Fashion with Swag

    A wedding, typically, is a ritualistic ceremony that represents the union of two individuals. The wedding reception has become every bit as ritualistic as the ceremony. Every culture has its own iteration with unique rituals. In the American South, two newlyweds “jump the broom” together showing unison in their movements forward together in life. There are many rituals associated with the Jewish wedding reception, including the Horah, or and the Chair Dance, where guests lift the bride and groom above their heads in chairs while dancing around them in a circle. Just about every wedding reception comes with a barrage of cheesy monologues made by members of the wedding party, parents, and well-wishers.

    With all of the excitement of surrounding the new union and love between two families realized, wedding receptions tend to evolve into the best party party atmosphere and a prime opportunity for bachelors to connect with their future wife. First impressions set the tone for every interaction that may come to follow, so here are a few sartorial tips for stocking your wardrobe with the best summer men’s fashion that will make you the most eligible bachelor in the room.


    Although a wedding is a very serious occurrence. But after the last bottle of champagne is opened, the newlyweds will be one in business, law and life. Lucky for you, the eligible bachelorettes in attendance will probably be looking for someone with whom they can plan their own wedding bells in the near future. So, dress accordingly. Anything short of a suit with dress shirt is unacceptable, but you don’t want to be too formal either, unless the occasion truly calls for it. Summer men’s fashion can be tricky if you don’t get it just right.

    Linen, cotton twill, and seersucker suits inject a bit of leisure and luxury into your luck while showing the potential Mrs. Last Name Goes Here that you’re no slacker. Match your suit with tailored fit and a bottle of champagne at the reception. #Winning.

    This is also a great opportunity to wear that one sexy bow tie that you have.



    A wedding is not a funeral, business meeting, or interview. Leave the dark colors at home (especially black, unless it’s black tie). Trade your conservative palettes in for muted colors, lighter hues, and neutrals. White dress shirts always establish a clean look, but use this as an opportunity to add a bit of color into your look.

    Use your accessories as well. Summer men’s fashion calls for jazzy pieces like a red rose brooch/lapel pin or colorful tie. The ladies in attendance will surely take notice.


    Form and color can distinguish a man, but contrast is what validates him. This can be achieved by mixing and matching different textures and patterns. One of my favorite things about summer men’s fashion is a great seersucker suit. If you don’t have one, get one. If you’re wearing a solid shirt, match it with an embroidered tie. If you’re wearing a solid suit, fill in the blanks with a striped shirt. Soften cotton twill suits with linen shirts. Be sure to leave your harsh leather shoes at home. Decorate your feet with suede or nubuck. Bachelorettes will be paying attention to details. You want to be impeccable on every level.


    NOTE: If the invitation says “Black Tie Optional”, then black tie is not optional, and you should have your tuxedo pressed immediately.

    The New Religion: Urban Clothing Meet Fear of God

    Fear of God & The Look of Urban Clothing

    Religion is a touchy subject for most. Discussing our beliefs about the afterlife, judgement and divinity can easily cause friction between the most amiable of folks. What is it about religion that divides us so? Many point to the lack of evidence for the existence of divine forces as the driving catalyst for division. History shows us that mankind has fought many wars behind the question of whether a supreme being exists, and if so, who that powerful entity is. One thing that we all share in common, however, is the capacity to believe. Whether we believe in divinity or not, we cannot prove or disprove the existence of a higher power. As urban clothing design goes, LA men’s streetwear brand, Fear of God, builds its brand story here.

    Fear of God focuses primarily on the essentials, producing high-quality, luxury interpretations of items like t-shirts, flannel tops, sweats, and more. The LA outfit gained popularity most recently after becoming a go-to brand for fashion enthusiast and global hip-hop superstar, Kanye West. West has taken urban clothing to another level. In their second year of production, Fear of God continues to build its portfolio of classics by sticking to the basics, paying great attention detail, and giving us a fresh yet refined perspective on how well-designed form can make us all look a little more “godlike”. It’s how you do modern, urban clothing in the 21st century.

    Check out some of my top picks from their latest collection below:


    Long Bomber

    This is a ferociously clean update to a modern classic, adding value to street and casual wear.

    Long Bomber


    Short Sleeve Flannel

    This warm season interpretation of an autumn/winter staple is functional year-round as both a base layer and statement piece.

    S/S Flannel


    Drop Crotch Shorts

    These shorts are raw yet regal. The form-fitting dimension of the seemingly tailor cut turns leisure into luxury.

    Dropcrotch Shorts

    Fear of God