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    Last Chance Sales! Sustainable Brand Maven Women Wants You!

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    Ladies, time is running out! Sustainable brand, Maven Women is in the last stages of its presales.

    Maven Women want to dress the working women of the world in a responsible, ethical way. They are committed to moving forward clothing that’s not only thoughtful about people and the planet, but also affordable to as many women as possible. Maven Women challenges the notion that women can look good and do good at the same time. The brand uses the highest quality fabric in their production processes including for their beautiful organic, artisanal block-printed liner. Prices are comparable to the big retailers. So why not shop responsibly

    The Amira


    The Sarah


    The Sarah and The Amira are now available for purchase for the discounted price of just $160 (from $200)! Façon Magazine readers can take off an additional $10 at checkout using the code CapitolFashionista.
    Share with your girlfriends and co-workers. Please follow Maven Women on Twitter to keep abreast of the launch of the rest of their line.

    About Maven Women
    Maven Women is the first company creating fair trade, eco-conscious day-to-evening attire appropriate for even the most formal workplaces. They create timeless, flattering wardrobe staples easy to dress up our down for your signature look. Maven Women recently launched presales for dresses in their first collection, discounted to $160 down from their regular price of $200. Maven Women dresses make great gifts and they have created a special gift card to go with them! We encourage you to check out this fantastic DC-based brand and grab their dresses while they are at their deepest discount, making you a true co-creator in moving clothing that is beautiful inside and out.

    7 Questions for Designer Samy Abdella of Sammy Ethiopia #sustainablefashion (Nolcha Shows Edition)

    Sammy Ethiopia, Preserving Ethiopia’s Weaving Tradition

    Samy Adbella
    Sammy Ethiopia

    Our hearts tingle when we hear a story about a designer who is not only looking to create sustainable, handmade products. But a designer who is determined to preserve his country’s long history of weaving, while infusing the tradition with new inspirations. That’s what Samy Abdella is doing. The result is Sammy Ethiopia, contemporary pieces hand-woven, dyed, and embroidered by skilled local artisans. We are so happy to learn more about the man and his mission.

    1. Tell us about yourself. What are your fashion creds?

    It was all really by accident how the Sammy Ethiopia brand started. My desire was always to create a method or work in a field that lets me help and better living conditions in Africa, and specifically Ethiopia where I was born. I studied international relations since I wanted to be a diplomat. After graduation I didn’t see this type of work as being effective in a very grass root level. So in my earlier career stage thought it might be better to study business and studied international marketing. This way I can do a business that has meaning, really benefit underprivileged population and of course profitable. I came to Ethiopia and saw that there were skills and resources, and materials that were unique that can appeal to the rest of the world.

    2. Why did you decide to venture into fashion? Tell us about the products, the artisans who make the products, and how pieces are produced.
    We produce hand woven textiles and leather skins all sourced locally with traditional means and talented artisans.

    3. What’s the biggest lesson that you’ve learned as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry?
    It’s very competitive but you have to be selective also to work with people that understand your ways and end products. Not everyone can work with you. Of course, there are many people that are encouraging you. That makes your work worthwhile. The creative process and the need for change always keeps you going.

    4. Describe your personal style.
    Easy, simple, casual and neat.

    5. Who are your style icons and why?
    My parents always had great taste. They were always dressed in colorful fabrics and just knew how to put outfits together well. Especially my mom’s love for traditional/cultural wears. The aesthetic and various cultures of people of Ethiopia, their ideas and my experiences in Ethiopia have influenced me greatly.

    6. What’s always in your frig?
    Water, beer and cheese.

    7. What three things can’t you live without?
    Family, sleep, our work and friends.

    Addtional Information
    Sammy Ethiopia has been in many major international print and online magazines including Glamour, Instyle, Marie Ilaire, Lucky and to name a few. Designer Samy Abdella has also collaborated with Eileen Fisher and has worked with Toast UK, Barneys, Anthroplogie, Le Bon Marche, Takashimya and many more.

    FLEEPS Is Using Fashion to Change Lives #EthicalFashion

    using fashion to change lives, ethical fashion, social good fashion, ethical

    Brands Using Fashion To Change Lives

    Anyone that knows me will tell you that I loathe rubber thong flip flops. I cannot understand this country’s obsession with water shoes. Well, that’s what they are. Flip flops were created for the pool and the beach. Not to be worn with every single outfit in your closet. Ugh. I digress. But since it’s beach season, I wanted to give you another option for the dredded thong flip flop. I am not opposed to cute alternatives to the plastic rubber thong flip flops. Actually, I implore footwear brands to devise creative and new designs for the “anti flip flop”. Luckily, there is a great option available. There’s nothing better than stylish sandals made by a company that is using fashion to change lives.

    That socially good fashion brand is FLEEPS. FLEEPS are cute and colorful sandals that have such a unique design. These darlings have an adjustable cross-ankle strap, smooth-finish toe thong and a lightweight shock-absorbent sole, perfect for perusing all of the great boardwalk shops or just taking a stroll. FLEEPS are available in a bunch of colors so you can buy several pairs to go with just about anything in your spring/summer vacation wardrobe.

    FLEEPS was founded in 2015 by Kael Robinson, global good curator, is dedicated to creating a sustainable yet stylish product that changes the course of poverty through education. Their main goal is to sell over one million pairs so that they can send over 10,000 girls to school by 2019. Ten percent of every pair of FLEEPS sold goes to the FLEEPS Foundation providing funding to its non-profit partners committed to the education of girls, including Shining Hope for Communities and Starfish Impact. Now this is a fabulous way to look chic and use fashion to change lives. Get your pair here, FLEEPS.

    Pure Cotton Fabric and Rainwater Make Fabulous Products

    pure cotton fabric, sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, ecofashion

    Pure Cotton Fabric and Rainwater Make Beautiful Music

    The Chicory Skirt by Rant Clothing is made from the subtle Amelia fabric which offsets the white perfectly. It’s made from 100% pure cotton fabric that is pre-washed in rainwater in their studio. Fully lined with cotton voile, it features their relaxed elastic waistband and its cotton drawcord for a great fit with two pockets that have been inserted into each side panel. We just love knowing that this garment was pre-washed in the rainwater. See how easily you can look great and do good at the same time. Available at Sustainable Fashion

    @AntarPenguin Launches New Social Initiative in Fashion on @Kickstarter

    A New Social Initiative in Fashion

    Socially conscious fashion brand Antar Penguin has announced its latest social initiative in fashion, “Smart casual – A shirt for a second chance,” which launched on Kickstarter on Friday, April 29. To create the program, Antar Penguin has teamed up with Career Gear, a non-profit organization, which provides job skills training and assists the unemployed. Now, they can also give people the chance to dress for the workplace.

    “Smart casual – a shirt for a second chance” reflects the long-held ideal of Antar Penguin Founders, Jimi Feng and Spoze Shen, which the elegance of Antar Penguin is not only in its look but also in its philosophy. “We believe that a fashion company should not solely be focused on the outer look and marketing of its products, but should also strive to promote ideals that make life more meaningful,” said Feng.

    Antar Penguin’s mission is to make elegant, high quality products that bring people joy while contributing to the environment and society. To facilitate the “Smart Casual” project, the company seeks to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter over the next two months. By purchasing a shirt, customers will feel good knowing they may help save someone, or even a whole family, from becoming homeless. It will also help them to create a better life.

    With a little social initiative in fashion, these families and future generations can receive a helping hand. “A lot of major brands and companies send aid to other countries, but they forget that there are still some people in their home country like the United States that need help. We want to tell our customers to come back to help their own communities,” said Feng.

    A shirt can go a long way toward reaching out to those in need. Shirts are subtle fashion statements that mark one’s entrance into the real world. They are a symbol of self-confidence. To create the “Smart Casual” shirt, Antar Penguin enlisted the help of designer Alex Benekritis, who has worked with major labels such as Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. Through meticulous craftsmanship, Benekritis infused Antar Penguin’s spirit of elegance into the design. Made from high quality cotton fabrics selected from Europe, the shirts are exquisitely tailored, yet are chic and comfortable. With each purchase, customers will also receive an anti-dust garment bag, cufflinks, thank you card, gift box – and the opportunity to get involved.

    Everyone who purchases a shirt is encouraged to write letters via the Antar Penguin website to share his or her life’s story, personal experiences or helpful advice. These letters will the be packaged and sent together with the shirts to Career Gear, who will distribute them to those in need. In addition, Career Gear will also provide skills training and arrange job interviews. Step by step, these white shirts will build bridges of hope and help change the world one shirt at a time.

    The Cutest Eco-Friendly Spring Dress

    ecofriendly spring dress, sustainable spring dresses, who made your clothes

    When spring has sprung, I want to find the cutest and most comfortable eco-friendly spring dress to show off my fabulous legs. So the Nomad Reversible Dress at Lux and Eco is a fan favorite. I’m obsessed with this year’s asymmetrical hems. Particularly when it comes in two colors, periwinkle on one side, black on the other. What’s better than getting two dresses for the price of one! That’s right it’s reversible! Made from organic cotton and lycra.

    #SUSTAINABLEFASHION: The Five #Ethical Jewelry Brands You Need To Support

    sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, ecofashion, ethical jewelry

    Five Amazing Ethical Jewelry Brands

    The fashion world is full of brands that sell jewelry without any consideration to sourcing materials, using producers who are being treated ethically, or even just giving back to help others. This selection of jewelry brands are focused on all three of these highly important points of interest. Get your credit cards ready to buy! These are our favorite pieces from each brand: Read more

    Sabo Skirt + Coachella 2015 = A Fabulous You

    Your Coachella 2015 Gear Just Got An Upgrade

    Heading out to Coachella 2015 this weekend and next weekend? It is that time of year. Time to hit the music festival trail and get your dance on. After such a brutal winter, we are all ready to head to where the sun is shining, the music is blasting, and everyone is happy. But Coachella isn’t just a music festival. It’s a fashion festival, too. If you didn’t know that, you know it now. Cameras will be everywhere. All of the top fashion magazines will be picking their best looks at Coachella. So if you are still on the hunt for some fab outfit options to ensure that you stand out from the crowd, I have a fantastic option for you—Sabo Skirt.

    Sabo Skirt, clothing and lifestyle brand, has captured the coolest fashion forward girls. With over one million instagram followers they have created a brand that encompasses the lifestyle of THE fashion it girl. The brand has developed a cult following for their destination pieces, as the largest consumers from across the globe are located in California, home of Coachella. The Sabo Skirt look is stylish, flirty, and wonderfully feminine. It’s a brand that is inspired by music festivals and the girls that wouldn’t miss one for any reason. The girls that like to have fun and look good doing it.

    Of course, there are my favs. A girl needs to look her best at Coachella. But it took me awhile to narrow down my choices. But I finally decided upon these six pieces, the Delta dress, the Leopard Dropcrotch pant, the Polar Tassel set, the Summerdaze cardi, the Tivoli playsuit, and my absolute favorite dress, the Verona dress (shown above).

    Head on over to Sabo Skirt to grab your Coachella outfit. Enjoy the festival!

    Celebrating Black Style Icons

    My Favorite Black Style Icons

    We just finished celebrating Black History Month. For me, every month is Black History Month. I remember all of the people and events in the black community that have inspired and shaped our history and our present day. Fashion and style have always had ties to important political climates and events. It has connected us culturally and has helped to break social boundaries through improvisation and freedom of expression. We take our fashion cues from everywhere. But there are a few African-American women whose style really stands out for me. Here are my top three Black Style Icons who make me want to take my style to a new level.

    Solange Knowles

    Solange Knowles. Need I say more. She has truly changed the celebrity fashion game. She is without a doubt one of the true style icons of our day. Her style is eclectic, fashion-forward, playful and exhibits a great deal of confidence. Solange pushes the style boundaries and always gives us something new and unique. Her wedding outfits made such a statement that we were all talking about what she was wore for days! She has inspired me to take more risks in my personal style and wardrobe.

    Lupita Nyong’o

    Lupita has convinced me that bright bold colors can look fantastic, beautiful, and stylish on ebony brown skin. Her sophistication and class encourages me to embrace my African culture and heritage. I really like what she said at the Oscars last year, “No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.” It was touching to see someone who worked hard to achieve her wildest dreams.

    Michelle Obama

    The First Lady of the United States aka FLOTUS exudes style, class, and sophistication. She is the epitome of what style icons are made of. Her style is a perfect blend of personality and professionalism. Her elegance is unmatched. I like her confidence particularly as a women with a tall stature, like myself. It definitely encourages me be standout and own my height.

    Who are a few of your favorite Black Style Icons?

    Valentine’s Day Style You Will Heart

    What To Wear on Valentine’s Day

    Let’s talk about what to wear on Valentine’s Day. Regardless of what you are doing, I think it is an important opportunity to show yourself some love. Your Valentine’s Day style should reflect who you are and how you feel about yourself. It should be a thoughtful look reflective of your style and complimentary to your best attributes. Additionally, do not underestimate the power of a stylish look to make you feel great. Do not forget about self-love!

    When I think about putting together a look for a special occasion, I think about two things: staying true to myself and adding a unique twist. So, first up, staying true to myself. To stay true to my style, I usually reach for easy separates or a tailored dress. I also like to add interest to your Valentine’s Day style, add accessories, like a statement necklace or textured shoes in a contrasting color.

    Second, I consider how to add a unique twist to my look. This is a bit trickier, but I have an idea – to incorporate color and lots of it! In all honesty, I typically wear colors from my neutral palette (black, navy, cool gray, ivory) with a little additional color. I think many people fall into this sort of uniform. Occasionally, I will get into a color kick. Lately it has been burgundy. But it is always grounded in my neutral palette. So, for this look I am going all in with a no holds barred red and violet color combination for that wow factor in your Valentine’s Day style.

    Choose easy separates or a tailored dress in red or violet. Try complementing it with neutral accessories for a special occasion look. The combination also has a freshness to it. Since red and violet are adjacent on the color wheel or analogous, they work together comfortably without being jarring to the eye.

    What do you plan to wear for Valentine’s Day? Do you have a special outfit planned to show off your Valentine’s Day style?

    How’s Your Resolutions Doing? Get A Happiness Jar


    Resolutions or Not—Make it Work!

    Personally, New Year’s resolutions are an excuse to put off what you can do today. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, I made a happiness jar. It’s a reminder that you should always be grateful for even the small things in life. This happiness jar is to be used traditionally. Fill it with sheets of papers containing the daily things that you are grateful for. Write down all the goals you have accomplished. Don’t forget to write things that has made you happy with a date. Then next year, you read them to remind yourself to always be grateful and happy. By creating a happiness jar, it helps you to reflect on your year as a whole. It’s so funny but by the end of the year,  you probably don’t remember everything that happened at the beginning of the year. Drop the resolutions. Get yourself a happiness jar.

    Another thing that I love to do instead of making resolutions is to create a personal vision board for the year. My vision board is filled with affirmations, goals, and things I want to do. If you have never done this, it can actually be quite fun. Some people have parties where each person makes one. To get started on your vision board, all you need is a stack of magazines, glue or tape and a plain board.

    Vision boards have been used in the fashion industry for decades. It helps designers to pull together their ideas for their upcoming collection. A vision board can help you pull your thoughts and ideas together. I think that it is important to put the things into the universe that you want. If you speak it and work hard for it, it can happen. Make sure that you put your vision board up where you can see it everyday. It will help keep you motivated and focused on your journey.

    Thinking about making a happiness jar or a vision board? Show us your fab results by tagging us on Facebook or Instagram.

    {image via Pinterest}

    Resort Wear: It Must Be Sunny Somewhere!

    Resort Wear: What To Wear Now

    Resort is my favorite fashion season. Resort offers the fantasy of escaping away for a needed respite from the blustery cold where I grew up in Minnesota. Initially, resort wear catered to the wealthy. Those jet-setters who travel usually for winter sports, like skiing. You know the ones who head to the regal resorts and chalets or to the balmy sunshine at some tropical paradise. You need the best fashionable takes on the practical items needed for these special getaways.

    Over time, resort wear changed. More designers are using resort wear season as a way to experiment with limited runs of unique items for their brand. Or they might offer classic, true to vision transitional pieces. It is now kind of a mid-winter wardrobe pick-me-up and a way to further individualize your personal style.

    For me, though, I still think about it in terms of getting a few things for a beach vacation. In Minnesota, I always wanted to head somewhere warm in January was always welcomed. Even now that I am out of the tundra, I still look forward to a mid-winter getaway.

    This year, my inspiration for resort wear is chic, simple, and quirky day to night dressing. At the beach, it is important to maintain ease with your clothing and accessories. Otherwise you may feel a bit out of place. The vibe is relaxed and, as such, fussy things that you could wear in the city just will not do.

    The Resort Wear Must-Haves

    The most important piece for a beach trip is a bathing suit. This bathing suit by Lisa Marie Fernandez is a classic suit with a structured bustier to keep everything in place and a fun, yet restrained print. Top your suit off with a simple, white tunic dress by Cynthia Rowley. The high neckline and long sleeves help to keep your tan from turning out strange. Shield your beautiful eyes with a classic pair of Ottica Spiezia Italian sunnies. The tortoise is flattering on a variety of skin tones. To round out your daytime look, stay shady and fashion forward with this Toto Kaelo hat, tote your towel, SPF, and glossies in this Moda Operandi straw bag, and keep your feet off of the hot sand with these Havaianas. For night, you can dress up effortlessly by adding a quirky, beaded necklace by Noodle Thick. Swap your sandals for a cork platform sandal like these K. Jacques St. Tropez. For some ’70s glamour, polish your tips and toes with a tan flattering, modern shade of nail polish by Smith & Cult. Lastly do not forget your smile and sunny disposition and enjoy your trip!

    What will you be wearing on your vacation? Let us know below or tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

    What To Wear This Holiday Party Season

    what to wear for new year's eve, new year's eve, party looks, what to wear to a party

    Get It Right. What To Wear This Holiday Season

    If you are anything like me, you are still amazed that 2014 is coming to an end tomorrow. Suddenly, you soon realize there are a number of holiday events that you going to attend. The holiday season is about reflection and spending time with family and friends. As a fashionista, there are always events to attend. Each one requires a fabulous holiday-inspired outfit that is both appropriate for the setting and speaks to your personal style.

    It can be tricky. Say it’s the annual company holiday party. You will be mingling with co-workers and clients alike. You will need a  professionally-appropriate outfit with a dash of holiday sparkle. But you really want to put a little of yourself in your holiday outfit. If you are going to your boyfriend’s parent’s house for Christmas, you probably want to wear something safe but still reflect your authentic self. Finding that balance is equally important. Maybe it’s the big blowout! Going to a New Year’s Eve party is a great way to usher in the new year with class and style. Your options are greater when you go out to party. It’s important that you end the year with a fashion-forward trendy outfit that says exactly who you are and makes a memorable statement.

    Check out this List of style inspirations:

    1. When attending your Holiday Office Party, Wear This:
      what to wear for new year's eve, new year's eve, party looks, what to wear to a party
    2. When attending any other Christmas Party, Wear This:
      what to wear for new year's eve, new year's eve, party looks, what to wear to a party
    3. When meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time! Wear This:
      what to wear for new year's eve, new year's eve, party looks, what to wear to a party
    4. When attending a fabulous New Year’s Eve Party! Wear This:
      what to wear for new year's eve, new year's eve, party looks, what to wear to a party

    Remember no matter what you do, make sure that each outfit speaks to your true self and personal fashion style. It can definitely lead you to exciting things in the new year.

    Show us your holiday photos! Tag us on Instagram or on Facebook.

    Style Spotlight: Fashion Bloggers Athena and Venus Tse

    7 Questions for Fashion Bloggers Athena and Venus Tse

    We love fashion bloggers. There are so many fashionable stylistas, from every corner of the world, giving us a peek inside their posh, chic lives. We love to scour their blogs and stalk their Instagram feeds. Thanks goodness for Instagram. You never know when an outfit post might inspire you to wear something in your closet in a new and exiting way. Not to mention that they share their spoils by providing links to their cool outfit choices. We love that even more!

    Here’s a peek into the fashionable lives of sisters Athena and Venus Tse

    1. Tell us a little bit about yourselves?

    We are sisters based in New York City/Hong Kong/Shanghai. In early 2014, we launched our personal lookbook with closet snapshots on Instagram @ven_ena. We post daily outfits from what we have collected from high street fashion brands to local vintage stores throughout the years and across the globe.

    2. How would you describe your personal styles?

    Our personal styles are a mixture of bohemian and avant-garde. Fun fact: Athena’s signature clothing item is cross body bag and Venus’ is a dress.

    3. Who are your fashion icons and why?

    We both love Olivia Palermo and Nicole Richie. [we do, too!]

    4. Who are your favorite designers and why?

    We love emerging designers because they don’t have to conform to expectations. They can create edgy and extraordinary clothing.

    5. What’s the difference between fashion in Shanghai/Hong Kong and fashion in New York?

    Fashion in Shanghai and Hong Kong is traditional and proper. Whereas it’s much more innovative and liberal in New York.

    6. What fashion trends would you like to see go away?

    We are not huge fans of fanny packs, crocs and skull-patterned clothing.

    7. What is the one thing that you can’t live without?

    Sunshine because we take all our outfits photos with natural lighting.

    Win A Gorgeous Piece of Handmade Jewelry for The Holidays

    Handmade Jewelry, Eilisain Jewelry, Jewelry Designer, Jewelry

    Beautiful Handmade Jewelry by Eilisain Jewelry

    We love a giveaway. Especially around the holidays. You are so focused on finding great gifts for your family. We’re giving you a chance to win something special for yourself.

    We have partnered with Designer Lisette Fee of Eilisain Jewelry to giveaway a gorgeous cuff from her forthcoming Hunted II collection (shown above). We heart her well-crafted, handmade jewelry. Lisette’s fabulous collections are handmade in her studio in North Carolina. This beautiful piece is made from owl talons and crow claws. Unique, right? So here’s what you need to do to win:

    1. Follow Eilisain Jewelry on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest
    2. Sign up for her email list
    3. Cross your fingers.

    Lisette will pick a winner on Monday, December 1st from her social media followers. The winner will be announced here! So enter and then check back with us on Monday, December 1st!

    If you are in the DC area, join Lisette for the launch of the Hunted II Collection on Thursday, December 4 at Redeem from 6-8 pm.

    Handmade Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry Designer


    Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Your Idiosyncratic Family and Friends

    The Holiday Gift Guide for the Entire Family

    There is so much that I love about winter. I love the snow. How beautiful is freshly fallen snow?  So clean and refreshing. Snow means time for good sweaters. Sweaters are one of the best things about winter. Sweaters are like my kryptonite, especially the grey cashmere ones. Sweaters can be cozy, soft, and chic all at once. One of the other things that I really love about winter is that it is a time of giving.

    Picking out surprise-inducing gifts can be hard. I know it’s hard. I thought you might need a little help with a holiday gift guide for everyone on your list. You always know when you have picked out a winner by the delight in someone’s eyes. I love that! It may be my favorite gift to receive from someone. Well, that and one of those grey cashmere sweaters!

    This gift guide is for all of your idiosyncratic, wonderful family and friends. The majority of the gifts in this holiday gift guide are under $100, with the entire list topping out at $325. Great gifts do not have to come at a great expense. Happy gift giving!

    Gift Guide: Picks for a Sane Holiday

    1. For the fashion-forward DIYer: Beastly Boys Beanie

    2. For the global citizen coffee enthusiast: Keepcup Brew Limited Edition Cork – Filter

    3. For the mid-century modern movie buff: Wes Anderson Inspired Posters

    4. For the empire-building gym bunny: Beyonce wasn’t built in a day Tee Shirt

    5. For the jean queen: Catherine jean

    6. For the fickle-hearted nose: Custom Petal Pack

    7. For the seventies revival loving glamour girl: Luci sunglasses

    8. For the aspiring iconoclast editor in the making: Diana Vreeland: the Eye Has to Travel

    9. For the up to the minute manicurist: Galaxy Glue nail polish

    10. For the luxe-loving minimalist: The Cashmere Crew