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Ungalli Clothing: The Ecofabulous Joggers You’ll Want To Get Your Hands On

Boost the Ungalli Clothing Kickstarter Campaign

Based out of Canada and co-founded by sisters, Hailey (26) and Bree (23), Ungalli Clothing recently launched its first Kickstarter campaign on May 30 to raise funds to expand its ecofashion line with new recycled and organic Joggers.

Wrangler Launches Pilot Program To Use Sustainable U.S. Cotton Supply

Wrangler® To Focus on Soil Health That Could Unlock Greater Environmental Benefits

Iconic American denim brand Wrangler® announced that they are launching a pilot program to help U.S. cotton farmers reach the next level in sustainable growing practices during the Sustainable Brands 2017 conference in Detroit.

Redefining the Good Life: A First Look at #SB17Detroit

Sustainable Brands 2017 Detroit Wants To Redefine The Good Life

I thought is was apropos that Sustainable Brands (#SB17Detroit) decided to move their 2017 Conference to Detroit. There really isn’t a better place in my humble opinion. Detroit has had to take a hard look at itself and figure out how to drag its corpse from the ashes of bankruptcy.

“Design Forward” Award Recognizes Sustainable Fashion in Canada


Presented by Pure + Simple


8:00 PM, Saturday, May 27, 2017. Bram & Bluma Appel Salon, Asquith Avenue, Toronto


The Perfect Balance of Style + Ethics

On May 27th,

Bird + Stone Sees The Future and Women Are It

Bird + Stone Sees The Future of Women

We are #GIRLPOWER through and through here at the magazine. So when we heard about Elana Reinholtz, Bird + Stone Founder, and her partnership with Planned Parenthood of NYC, we had to let everyone know.

SHOE PORN: The 9 Cutest Ballet Flats for Your Daily Commute

Nine Adorable Ballet Flats To Make Your Commute Easy

I know that we women work hard to earn that money. Not to mention the fact that we are the primary care givers for our children and our households. Long gone is the sneaker commuter trend.