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    The Latest In Fall Beauty Trends

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    The Best Fall Beauty Trends for 2015

    Autumn.  I love this time of year. It’s around this time that we realize that the year is almost over and we re-evaluate our progress through the year. It is also the time of year that we assess our wardrobes and our beauty routines. We look to our favorite magazines to find out what’s hot this season. Many of the following beauty trends are not new. But there is always a different way to spin many of our beloved looks, especially the looks that walked this season’s runway shows. To find out which beauty trends are hot on the runway this season, keep reading.

    The Red Lip

    This classic beauty staple shows up on many runway shows season after season. Of course, we like to experiment with other colors like the nude lip. We also love those daring colors such as purple and hot pink. But there is something special about the classic look of red lips. Now it’s all about various shades of red—bright, dark, and sultry. There are also the various formulations of creamy or matte. The key difference this season is the full-bodied finish as opposed to tints and glosses.


    The current trend in lashes is not quite what you would think. It’s really about that wide-eyed doll lash look that’s created with a lot of mascara and yes, lashes clumped together. I must say this look may not be for everyone (myself included) but makeup is about self-expression. So if you are digging that look, go for it! If you want lashes that are equally impactful but less clumpy, go for a faux lash. It’s a bit more voluminous and sexy.


    Metallics are one of my favorite beauty trends. From lipsticks, to nail polishes and eye shadows, metallics can add a luxurious vibe to your look. The key is balance. If you want to use metallics, I would suggest choosing one feature to highlight. As opposed to highlighting all features and look like the Tin Man. If you are wearing this trend on your eyes, try a metallic liner. If you choose to do your lid, opt for a matte shadow in the same tone or shade family in the crease to ground the look. If you choose to focus on the lips, use a liner in a complementary shade to give shape and definition to the lips.

    Hair Accessories

    Using hair accessories is a great way to elevate your hairstyle. From barrettes and headbands to scarves and bows, the options are endless. You can also experiment with different textures and finishes such as leather for a chic rocker vibe or crystals which can create a glamorous finish to your look.

    Graphic Eyes

    Go beyond your usual cat eye and experiment with an extra flick of liner to create a double-winged liner. Take it a step further by layering another color on top of your black liner to create and exciting pop on the eyelid. If you are feeling extremely daring, experiment with different shapes or even draw a graphic line in your crease like they did for the runway shows at Suno and Rochas.

    Flushed Cheeks

    Flushed cheeks are a great way to finish off a minimalist makeup look. This season’s looks are unstructured and easy going in hues of rosy and brownish pinks. Cream blushes applied with your fingertips are perfect for getting this fresh, easygoing glow.

    Feathery Brows

    Brows are more feathery and relaxed this season. There’s a focus on grooming and light control which can be achieved with a brow brush and brow gel.

    Nail Art

    Nail Art is one of those beauty trends that I don’t see going away. The look on the runways varied from lines to color blocking and even geometric shapes to adorn the nail.

    Deep Rich Polish

    I absolutely love the deep rich hues of fall including copper, deep gray, blue, plum, and burgundy. These shades give way to a beautiful, sophisticated and daring vibe.

    What’s your favorite beauty trends this season?


    A Pop of Color Makes All The Difference

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    The Right Pop of Color


    From eyeliners to alluring fragrances, these 5 picks will give you the right pop of color:


    Pointing Fingers

    Not all gel nail polishes are created the same. So if you are looking for nail polish longevity, one that will get you through the day and still look great in the evening, this polish will do just that. Available in bright beautiful electric shades for the summer, Nails Inc Gel Effect delivers a high shine and ingredients to condition and strengthen the nails. It also has gel effects of plumping and a flawless finish so you can skip that trip to the salon.  Available in 10 shades. $15


    Eye Paint

    One stroke across the eyelid with Armani Tint Fluid Eye Color will lock in hours of beautiful wearability. This liquid “shadow” has a unique cooling sensation and a high pigment load that transforms from a liquid to a solid. This turns it into a “shadow” that can be worn alone or used as a base for another eyeshadow. Available in 12 shades inspired by the runway. $38


    Pro Tip:  Wipe off the excess product to control the application. Gently dab the applicator on the eye and blend down with your fingertip.  Repeat until the desired level of coverage is achieved.


    Line and Define

    With bold pops of color, you can line and define your eyes with no brush needed!  Smashbox Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner combines 36 hours of waterproof, smudge-proof high impact color in a pen with an angled tip applicator. The gel formula is perfect because it doesn’t flake or peel off. It’s also flexible because you can draw any line from thin to thick. Available in 6 shades. $24.


    Pro Tip:  When applying the liner, start from the outside of the eye and work your way toward the inner corner of the eye.


    Magic Hour

    The natural light before sunrise or just after sunset casts a golden glow on your face. That look is now available to you at anytime.  Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip and Cheek Color was inspired by the magic hour in Los Angeles. It’s available in shades of soft sheen to high impact blush. Use one or more for a range of looks. The double-ended design has a flat brush on one end and a dome of color on the other end for on the go touch-ups. Available in five shades.  $29.


    Pro Tip:  Lightly dab onto the cheekbones (or forehead, nose, etc if you are using the illuminator) and blend down with your fingers.


    Scent Impression

    Take a voyage around the world (at least in your mind anyway) with Atelier Cologne Collection Azur. Created with rare extracts from coastal regions and a concentration of pure essential oils, these four fragrances can be worn alone or combined for a unique, enchanting fragrance.  $25-$125