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You Don’t Have To Be A Supermodel to Wear These Trendy Lip Colors

These Are Not Your Grandma’s Lip Colors

Choosing new lip colors for the summer is the perfect way to update your look. The task can be daunting for some and a breeze for others. But the end goal is the same—creating beautiful looks that be done quickly,

Get Ready For DC Gala Event Season With These Beauty Services

Gala Event Season Is In Full Effect

DC’s gala event season is quickly approaching and what a perfect time to see and be seen. The city will be abuzz with the who’s who of the DC social scene—from socialites, entrepreneurs,

The Latest In Fall Beauty Trends

The Best Fall Beauty Trends for 2015

Autumn.  I love this time of year. It’s around this time that we realize that the year is almost over and we re-evaluate our progress through the year. It is also the time of year that we assess our wardrobes and our beauty routines.

A Pop of Color Makes All The Difference

The Right Pop of Color


From eyeliners to alluring fragrances, these 5 picks will give you the right pop of color:


Pointing Fingers
Not all gel nail polishes are created the same. So if you are looking for nail polish longevity,

Fall Beauty Trends: How to Look Your Best

The Fall Beauty Trends You Need to Know

There were an abundance of fall beauty trends from the fashion runways this season. This is also the perfect time to re-evaluate and refresh our makeup and skincare routines. There runways were full of models with radiant skin,

The Best Drugstore Makeup: 9 Beauty Products You Need

Finding the Best Drugstore Makeup for Your Beauty Routine
I love nothing more than a well deserved beauty product indulgence from my local mega-beauty store.  However, I must say that there is nothing I love more than perusing the aisles of my local drug or beauty supply store to score major beauty bargains.