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Get Your Green Beauty Fix With These Vegan, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Beauty Brands

Green Beauty Products Are Here To Stay

In times past, the thought of using green beauty products and tools was met with confusion and hopelessness. These natural products of the past were lacking in shade range, color payoff, an array of choices and overall personality.

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Sustainable Options For Healthy Teeth and A Beautiful Smile

When You Want Healthy Teeth and A Beautiful Smile

Whether you are aware or not, your mouth is teeming with tiny microorganisms.  These tiny microorganisms are the good and the bad bacteria. The good bacteria help to aid in the digestion of food and actually guard against the bad bacteria in your mouth to ensure healthy teeth.

Summer Beauty Essentials: 13 Must-Haves For Sun-Kissed Perfection

Summer Beauty Essentials
Summer is almost here. You know what that means: saying goodbye to heavy coats, hats, scarfs, boots and even extra emollient face creams and heavy foundations. As we get ready for summer, we may need to update our beauty products to accommodate the changing weather.  

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Choosing The Right Sunscreen: What You Need to Know

Choosing the Right Sunscreen

Sunscreen. We know we need to use it but how many of us do on a consistent basis?  Although sunscreen should be worn throughout the year, now is a great time to talk about the importance of wearing sunscreen and what you need to know for choosing the right sunscreen as we head into the summer.

Marjani Beauty: One-Stop Shopping for Women of Color

Marjani Beauty Celebrates Women of Color

Love the Skin You’re In with a Beauty Company that Celebrates Women of Color.

It’s no secret that finding beauty and skin care for women of color can be a daunting process.  

Take Years Off Your Skin With A Dark Spot Corrector

A Dark Spot Corrector Can Help You To Look Your Best

Skin discoloration is a common concern for many. All skin is made of cells which produce melanin—it’s what gives skin it’s color. When those cells overproduce too much melanin in certain areas,