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You are viewing ACCESSORIES Does Handbags! The New BFF Bag Collection is Here Moves Into the Handbag Arena

Something really exciting is happening at HANDBAGS! Their new BFF Bag collection is launching today in three styles, the comrade, the amigo, and the sidekick.

Get The Perfect Satchel Bag Without Losing Your Eco Creds

Your Perfect Satchel Bag Awaits

Are you trying to find your “It” satchel bag while hoping to keep your sustainable fashion creds? Maiyet’s Como Large Satchel Bag is that handbag. This large satchel bag is très chic. It has an ample inside set to carry your work files or double as your weekend bag.

7 Questions for Designer Samy Abdella of Sammy Ethiopia #sustainablefashion (Nolcha Shows Edition)

Sammy Ethiopia, Preserving Ethiopia’s Weaving Tradition

Samy Adbella
Sammy Ethiopia

Our hearts tingle when we hear a story about a designer who is not only looking to create sustainable, handmade products. But a designer who is determined to preserve his country’s long history of weaving,

7 Questions for Sherlly Ontiveros of Marshelly’s Jewelry #sustainablefashion (Nolcha Shows Edition)

Marshelly’s Jewelry, A Sign of the Times

Sherlly Ontiveros
Marshelly’s Jewelry

As a child, Sherlly Ontiveros loved visiting her father’s jewelry manufacturing business in New York City, where she was exposed to the craft.

7 Questions for Jewelry Designer Michelle Pajak-Reynolds #sustainablefashion (Nolcha Shows Edition)

Michelle Pajak-Reynolds, Jewelry Designer to the Stars and the Modern Woman

Michelle Pajak-Reynolds

Michelle Pajak-Reynolds, the woman whose parents met and fell in love over a jewelry case, was destined to be a jewelry designer.

7 Questions for Melissa Urfirer of Riley Versa #sustainablefashion (Nolcha Shows Edition)

Riley Versa

We’re excited to spotlight several sustainable designers who will be showcasing their designs during the Nolcha Shows NYC, September 12-15, 2016. Riley Versa is the brainchild of Melissa Urfirer.