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How To Use Bold Colors in Your Beauty Routine

Bold Colors Can Make All The Difference

Springtime is quickly approaching and there is no greater time than now to experiment with bold colors. Whether it is on your nails, your makeup or even your hair, bold colors choices give way to personal transformation that can lend itself to greater levels of creativity, inspiration and renewal.
When one thinks of bold colors, apprehension can be your first reaction. There is the fear of looking clownish, not being appropriate for some settings or the fear of not being able to pull off such a look. As we look to the runways, some of the ideas may be a bit more Avant-garde. If you are able to wear these bold color ideas as you see it, more power to you! But if you need a little push, here are some easy ways to incorporate bold colors.


The trend in nails is anything goes. Nail enthusiasts are breaking the rules by wearing bold pastels and bold dark hues in the summer. It’s all about expressing how you feel in the moment. If painting all of your nails in bold colors is not your thing, opt to paint one nail in an accent color, then use a neutral color on the rest of your nails. Some bold color choices we will see more of this season are:
  • White Nails.  It’s the kind of white that is reminiscent of painting your nails with White-Out. White nails are refreshing and can be worn by itself. It can provide an awesome backdrop for bold nail art. Take your pick of metallic or creme finish with Zoya Nail Polish in Genesis or Purity.
  • Metallic and Chrome Nails. Great in any color, metallic and glitter finishes are shiny and look great in rich tones like Red Dragon and Strange & Unusual nail color by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.


When it comes to bold colors in makeup, there is no end to the multitude of looks one can create. You can choose to focus on just the eyes, just the lips or create an intense look by highlighting more than one feature. Create your own rules when it come to expressing yourself with bold makeup colors.
  • Bold Lips.  Choosing to wear a bold lip is a power move. We all know that red lips are classic and sexy. Other bold colors such as blue, green, gray and purple lip colors are also becoming more mainstream. Brands like Color Pop and Anastasia Beverly Hills create affordable options that allow you to treat yourself to multiple lip colors. Want to create a monochromatic look with these bold lip colors? Pair them with an eye liner in the same shade or tint of the color for a tonal look. For liners that don’t budge, try Urban Decay Razor Sharp Water Resistant Longwear Liquid Eyeliner.
  • Bold Eyes.  Create Instagram-worthy eye looks like sultry smoky eyes and cut creases. Or choose to keep it more streamlined with bold eyeliner in colors that compliment many eye colors such as green, turquoise and purple. Want to try a bold color like yellow or orange? Try swiping an eye shadow in one of these colors across the eyelid and keep the rest of the face neutral. For bold eye shadow in an array of colors, try Viseart’s Eye Shadow Palette in Editorial Brights.


Anything different from the “norm” may be bold for many beauty enthusiasts. Back in the day, bold hair colors were just for Halloween or theater and it usually damaged your hair. Now many are throwing caution to the wind. You are no longer constrained by rules that say you must wear a particular color with a particular undertone to complement your skin tone. Many people are continuing to color their tresses in bold colors like such as blue, purple, pink and gray from brands like Pravana. For those who don’t want to commit permanent hair color, there are wigs and clip-ins that allow one to enjoy changing their hair color without the commitment.
As always, we want to hear from you.  What are some of your favorite bold colors and how do you wear them?  Leave your comments below.

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