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Finding the Best Sustainable Beauty Products Like a Beauty Editor

Sustainable Beauty and Your Beauty Routine

It’s no secret that there is a shift in the beauty industry towards using beauty products that are non-toxic, sustainable and eco-friendly.  Incorporating sustainable beauty into our daily routine has become easier than ever. High performing brands are dispelling the myth that natural beauty products don’t deliver results.

But where can you shop for sustainable beauty? Sure you can go to your favorite grocery, specialty or department store. You could also peruse your favorite beauty website to shop for a few random products. But you need a little knowledge to make an informative decision.  Just because you are able to find a few clean beauty products in random places doesn’t mean there is a dedication to creating beauty products that are good for you and the environment.

Wouldn’t it be nice to shop in a place, whether it be brick and mortar or online, that was dedicated completely to sustainable beauty?  Here are four options that can take the guess work out of your shopping experience.


Founded in 2013, Follain founder Tara Foley was focused on healthy living through healthy eating and exercise but had not given much thought to what she was putting on her skin. After doing some research, she eventually create Follain which has several locations throughout the country including Union Market in DC. All Follain products go through a very strict approval process that includes researching, testing, and validation before hitting the shelves.

Best sellers include Rica Body Butter and Osea Ocean Cleanser.

Fig & Flow

Located in Atlanta, GA, Fig & Flow is a one-stop destination for all things natural. Inspired to create a better version of herself through health and fitness, Sara Lamond wanted to share her knowledge about the toxic ingredients in our beauty products that are not regulated by the government. Fig & Flower not only carries green beauty products but also offers makeup services, candles, and other wellness products.

Best sellers include Leaf + Root Herbal Skin Remedy and David’s Premium Natural Toothpaste.


Ethica is an online retailer that has a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. It’s a place to learn about ethical fashion as well as emerging designers. It is also a place to explore a selection of green beauty products that are sustainable, handcrafted and vegan.  While there are no color cosmetics to choose from, there is a selection of skin and hair treatments from brands such as Flynn & King and Soul Sunday.


With a mission to put safer products in everyone’s hands, Beautycounter seeks to empower people to be mindful of the ingredients that are in the products they use. Beautycounter has products for the entire family and also offers the opportunity to start a business by becoming a consultant.

For the guys, check out our story on Hiram Grooming Co. Their products are 100% vegan and will have your beard looking and smelling great.

As always, we want to hear from you.  Do you have a favorite place to shop for your clean beauty products?  Share your comments below.




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  • sandra
    07 . 14 . 2017

    what i think that Ethica is one of the most valuable from all these. Beauty counter product are also good. But i ll prefer Ethica.

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