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Beauty Looks: The Super Hot Fall Looks You Need To Know About

Although we are still experiencing beautiful warm days, the fact that we are more than halfway through the year signifies that fall is upon us.  With the change in seasons comes a desire to update our beauty look and routines. Where do we look for inspiration? Our favorite celebrities, magazines, social media, and of course fashion week.

Fashion week is filled with creative ideas and key looks from designers who the masses will take their fashion and beauty cues from. While it’s nice to get those “in the moment” visuals of what’s hot and on trend for the upcoming season, many times those looks are not practical. Most need to be interpreted from the runway to the the real wayaka real life. Many of the elements seen during the runway shows are becoming more mainstream. So instead of making a declaration of what one “should” wear, let’s explore trends seen on the runway and interpret it into something that is wearable and can transcend seasons based on personal style and presence.

Extreme Manicures

Who said nail art is dead? This season continues to be all about expressing individuality and creativity with very detailed nail art in the form of decals, 3D art, glass effects, nail stamping, and beyond. Length and shape vary from short to talons and anything from square, oval, flare and stiletto. Press on nails are gaining in popularity (and are a far cry from the press on nails from the ’70s and ’80s).  These nails are made of better quality and mimic the shapes, lengths and designs that one can get from their favorite nail salon.  For more inspiration on everything nails, visit

Snogged Lips

This lip is a far cry from the precisely sculpted liquid matte lip we are used to seeing. Named after the British term for making out, snogged lips are supposed to imitate the look of smudged lips after a heavy make-out session. Although this lip look appears to be gaining popularity, the look may not be as polished as one would like. You could possibly end up looking like a 5-year-old playing in mommy’s makeup. If you want to take inspiration from this look and create a more relaxed lip,  forget the liner and smudge your lip color onto your lip line and onto the lip with your finger.

Metallic And Glitter Lids and Lips

Metallic and glitter textures have an even stronger presence this season. This look adds beautiful texture and dimension to eyes, lips, and even nails. When wearing these textures on the face, consider using it on one feature as opposed to the entire face so as not to create an overpowering, distracting look. You can apply these textural shades as a liner or to the inner corner of the eye or as an accent on the cheekbone or center of the lip if you don’t want a full on commitment.  Also consider the tone of these accents when choosing a color.

  • Silver shades have a cooler undertone and looks good on those with cool undertones in their skin.
  • Rose Gold shades tend to have cool and warm undertones and can work really well on those with cool or golden undertones.
  • Gold and Copper shades usually have warmer undertones and work well on those with warm undertones.


Many of the hairstyles we have seen on the runways represent the hairstyles we see on a day-to-day basis. It is all about self expression and many people are showing their personal style with bobs, pixie cuts, baldies, bangs, hair extensions, wigs, and even head wraps.

As always we want to hear from you.  What are some fall beauty trends that you look forward to wearing?



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