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PARIS HAUTE COUTURE WEEK: Ariane Chaumeil Is Bringing Her Past Into Her Future

ABE by Ariane Chaumeil| Fall – Winter Collection 2017 – 2018

Ariane Chaumeil had to find her place. Creation is an obsession that she learned through working with glass. She worked with melting glass, giving its forms, colors and reflections. For her, it felt similar to a violinist who has no reference point and a total freedom.  In order to respect this art, she decided to present her pieces in a casket which also represents her time and privacy. She loves this freedom of speech. She spent so many years for reaching it. Her thirst of discovering, the curiosity brought her so many artistic experiences. She admires the perfection of masterpieces, the transcendence of freedom of speech, and the unifying beauty.

Like her peers, her goal is to discover the world, to show my vision of the beauty, and poetry through my creations. This is her introspection, and also her free interpretation of the world around. She uses her personal memories, the impressions of her childhood, the codes of the past (visiting them again, interpreting them again), then giving them a modernity, and, hopefully everlasting life.

Beauty and eternity are the basis of her work. From them, her collection is born.

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