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Façon Magazine is the voice of sustainable and ethical fashion. Façon Magazine was launched in November 2011 by our editor-in-chief, Janice Wallace. The magazine initially was started to focus on emerging fashion. However, after seeing the documentary, The True Cost, Wallace decided to change the magazine’s focus. We seek to help consumers to navigate the sometimes confusing waters of sustainable and ethical fashion.

The online magazine, produced quarterly, is composed of fashion editorials featuring carefully selected fashion brands who are focused on creating beautiful products without bringing harm to others or the environment. Our website is a dose (updated three times a week) of what’s new in sustainable and ethical fashion and beauty including news, brand spotlights in beauty and fashion, interviews, events and event recaps, and photography. Subscribe to our newsletter, ECOSTYLE. Our newsletters features information about sustainable and ethical fashion.

Façon Magazine has been chosen as one of the top 100 Vegan Blogs and top 75 Sustainable Blogs by Feedspot.


Janice developed her love for fashion as a little girl. Despite her tomboy ways, she was obsessed with the Hollywood starlets in her favorite movies from the 40’s and 50’s. She jumped at any opportunity or occasion to get all “dolled up.”

As a teenager, she worked as a cashier in a local vintage thrift store where she learned about the historic European fashion houses and American fashion labels. The money she earned as a cashier afforded her the opportunity to be quite the fashionable teen. When Wallace entered college, she was pulled away from fashion and into the tech world. She worked for many years as a database manager/developer on contract with NASA. She later worked in communications at Citibank and as a senior staffer on Capitol Hill.

It became very apparent while working on Capitol Hill that her fashion life was calling her. She started working in the fashion industry as the style authority behind two very successful blogs, The Capitol Fashionista and The Bridal Wishlist. She eventually left the Hill and took a job with the DC Fashion Foundation (DCFF) as a branding/strategic development consultant.  In her position with the DCFF, she met countless local designers. Wallace noticed that very talented designers were going virtually unnoticed. She quickly recognized that there were very few magazines that devoted entire issues to up-and-coming fashion designers and fashion brands.

Janice is also the Creative Director at The Fashion Parade (, a branding and design agency that helps small businesses (primarily fashion businesses) to create smart, successful brands through engaging content, digital design, and social media engagement. She is a native of Washington D.C. and a graduate of Howard University with a B.A. in Journalism.


Janice Wallace is also a member of the Ethical Writers & Creatives. Ethical Writers & Creatives is a group of journalists, bloggers, podcasters, videographers, photographers and other creatives who seek to improve the world with their work, plus raise the standards for honesty and transparency in the influencer industry. With members across the globe, we support, share information with, give advice to, and collaborate on projects with each other and with brands and companies who share our vision. We recognize that ethical and sustainable living, leadership, and activism is a journey, not a destination, and so do not define what “ethical” means, only that it may include the fields of sustainability, social justice, or animal rights. We expect and require that members are honest and fair with their followers, clients, and each other, and always balance personal success and influence with an understanding of how their work impacts people, animals and the planet.