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SHOE PORN: The 9 Cutest Ballet Flats for Your Daily Commute

Nine Adorable Ballet Flats To Make Your Commute Easy

I know that we women work hard to earn that money. Not to mention the fact that we are the primary care givers for our children and our households. Long gone is the sneaker commuter trend. But seriously, who wants to wear heels while you are fighting with folks to get on the subway? Definitely, not me. I’m sure, definitely not you. Trust that I know your pain. When I worked a 9-to-5, I always wore (and kept under my desk) a pair of fancy schmancy ballet flats. They look super chic and give your feet the much needed arsenal to deal with the drudgery of commuting, particularly when you are commuting on public transportation. So here’s your lovely alternative. Ballet flats in neutral colors that will go with everything in your closet (and a pop of color for good measure). Now you can ride in style and in comfort (hover over image to see buying info).

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