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’80s Beauty Staples Are Making A Comeback This Season

Take A Walk Down ’80s Beauty Memory Lane With These Throwback Beauty Staples

Remember the ’80s and those looks? The ’80s beauty looks were full of daring, bold makeup, bright colors and even bolder hairstyles. Closets were filled with power suits with large shoulder pads and blouses with large ruffles. With anticipation of the upcoming week, people waited for their favorite television shows like Dynasty and Knots Landing. They tuned into MTV to see what stars like Madonna, Grace Jones, Culture Club and David Bowie were wearing.  Talk about excitement!

Just when we thought the bygone era of everything big, bold, glitzy and sometimes strange would remain in the past, this upcoming season pays homage to ’80s beauty as arguably one of the best beauty decades ever. For a trip down memory lane, continue reading for a dose of beauty nostalgia. Let’s see how these looks and products have evolved over the years and now translate into this season’s trends.

Bold Blush

Back in the ’70s and ’80s, wearing blush was no holds barred.  With confidence, or reckless abandon – however you look at it – women (and men) took to their blush to create swatches of color across the cheekbones and up into the hairline.  The colors were bold and the application was less refined but the look was fierce and the coolest people did it.  This season, bold blush is making a comeback but with some refinement. And it has a name–draping. What is draping you ask? It is a technique of applying blush in a way that gives lift, shape and contour to the cheeks in a modern and less scary way.

Big Hair

The bigger the hair, the better was a hallmark of ’80s beauty. Remember Jackee Harry (aka Sandra Clark of 227)?  We are talking big bouffants and pompadours that were put in place with the help of a teasing comb and held there with a blast of Aqua Net. This season we are seeing the return of such hair being held in place with hair products that have more nourishing ingredients.  Whether it is big luscious waves, pompadours or high structured high tops (hello Grace Jones),  these looks will dominate this season.

Blue Eyeshadow

Blue Eyeshadow was a thing back then and it was frosty. It was applied over most of the eye. With that bold, bright blush applied all the way up to the temple of your aqua net helmet hair. But blue eyeshadow has evolved in formulation and in it’s application technique. This season’s modern take on blue eyeshadow is still bold but has some refinement. It is paired with other colors for a sophisticated, modern look.  If worn alone, it is worn as a liner. Maybe with a little sparkle and all is well.

Lee Press On Nails

At some point in every woman’s life, if she wanted nails like Alexis Carrington (Joan Collins/Dynasty), she would pick up some Lee Press On Nails while at the grocery store. With some nail glue and a little coordination, she had beautiful, shiny nails in minutes. But good luck with them staying on for long. Today, the idea of nail extensions has evolved. Yes you can go to your nail salon for a full set or you cano to your local convenience store to buy nails.  Today’s press on nails come in a variety of styles, lengths, colors and bling in order to mimic what is on this season’s runways.


There were probably many ways to store makeup back then including using a tackle box.  Then came Caboodles,which were like tackle boxes but much cuter. They were made of a sturdy plastic in a variety of colors that had lots of storage space inside. Today, many people have just as much makeup as the beauty section of their local CVS. They need lots of space to store it. Storage has evolved to include actual systems that need to be assembled to keep makeup organized.

Crimping Irons

Having crimped hair especially in a high side ponytail was hot back then. Crimped hair is making somewhat of a comeback. The look is softer and the tools themselves, often made with ceramic or tourmaline plates, are manufactured with the health of the hair in mind.


A true staple of the ’80s beauty revolution was smooth, clean, acne free skin. For that, you used Noxema. One would sit with this white tingly, frothy cream with hopes of having flawless skin. Noxema still exists! Skincare has evolved to include products that have natural, sustainable ingredients that also yield results.

Jean Nate’

This lemonade-colored body splash was available at your local grocery store and actually smelled pretty good. It also came as a powder with a big pouf to be applied like glamorous women did in the movies. Today, not many people use Jean Nate but fragrance is a big thing.  The trend this season continues to focusing on layering with 2-3 fragrances that go well together to create a unique fragrance experience.

We want to hear from you. Perhaps you actually lived through the awesomeness of the ’80s beauty revolution. Or maybe you’ve only seen and heard about it. Feel free to share your favorite ’80s beauty/fashion blast from the past down below.

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