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3 Ways to Wear Denim Shorts and Still Look Masculine

The 1990’s were the best of times for the economy, but the worst of times for fashion. The world economy saw prosperity like never before, but our closets were experiencing one fashion fail after another. From shiny harem pants to oversized t-shirts—the last decade of the 20th Century contributed little to men’s fashion history. As ridiculous as the fashion of the 1990’s may seem at that time, it is making a slow yet steady resurgence. Just take a look around you on any street. The old grunge and punk styles have returned with a vengeance. Nirvana-style punk has returned in a more tailored manner with graphic t-shirts and plaid flannels around the waists of hipster guys everywhere. Even the oversized or baggy look has returned with a toned-down, modern aesthetic. This summer, however, will see the return of a look that faded away with the last millennium: “denim shorts”.

But what good is it to bring back an old style, it you haven’t improved on its look and feel. In its historic form, denim shorts were boxy, unfitting and possessed almost no functionality. For whatever reason, fashion retailers produced and distributed long legged shorts that ended up looking more like denim capris than denim shorts. I don’t know any men who would ever use the word “capri” to define any article of clothing in their closet. This for sure is an epic fail. In its current form, denim shorts are a bit more useful and simply put, looks pretty damn good. But you can run the risk of not looking masculine if you don’t make the right style choices. There is absolutely a right and a wrong way to wear denim shorts. With that being said, here’s three ways to wear short denim:


  1. Traditional Denim Short by Gant



  1. Cutoff by Denim Supply

  1. Tapered by G-Star Raw

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