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’80s Beauty Staples Are Making A Comeback This Season

Take A Walk Down ’80s Beauty Memory Lane With These Throwback Beauty Staples

Remember the ’80s and those looks? The ’80s beauty looks were full of daring, bold makeup, bright colors and even bolder hairstyles. Closets were filled with power suits with large shoulder pads and blouses with large ruffles. With anticipation of the upcoming week, people waited for their favorite television shows like Dynasty and Knots Landing. They tuned into MTV to see what stars like Madonna, Grace Jones, Culture Club and David Bowie were wearing.  Talk about excitement!

Just when we thought the bygone era of everything big, bold, glitzy and sometimes strange would remain in the past, this upcoming season pays homage to ’80s beauty as arguably one of the best beauty decades ever. For a trip down memory lane, continue reading for a dose of beauty nostalgia. Let’s see how these looks and products have evolved over the years and now translate into this season’s trends.

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